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Beyond the Usual Function – Sound BlasterAxx Series of Speakers by Creative

Sound BlasterAxx and iPad

I grew up listening to music. I remember seeing stacks of vinyl records which eventually became stacks of cassette tapes, then CDs. I don’t see them now because I barely buy music in discs, I have everything in digital form. But one thing remains is the love for music heard over quality speakers. I have several of them, one in my bedroom, the other in the living room and one near my workstation. But they all have one function, to spew out quality sound for musical enjoyment. At a recent product launch, I discovered speakers meant beyond the usual function – the Sound BlasterAxx Series of speakers by Creative. But of course you can also listen to music with these speakers, but what caught my attention is how Singapore-based technology company Creative capitalized on the technology today to bring a product that fits the lifestyle of this generation. I’m referring ...

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Marshall Headphones: The Sound of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Marshall Headphones

Rock ‘n’ roll has been one of the most beloved and passionate genre that has connected generations of audiences for years. Iconic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix pushed this sound forward with the aid of the guitarists’ favorite piece of equipment – the Marshall amp. Now, the forceful sound that Marshall has been known for is now available in the Philippines through Marshall Headphones. Marshall was created in the early 1960s by Jim Marshall who, by request from young guitarists Pete Townshend (The Who) and Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), started selling guitar equipment in his drum store. Jim soon began building his own amplifiers, thanks to his broad mind and combined with certain twists of electrical fate, the Marshall amplifiers were blessed with a sound much heavier than anything heard before. The Marshall sound was born and the tone for the future of rock ‘n’ roll had been set. The ...

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Treats, Perks and Surprises via Perxclub Mobile App

Perxclub Mobile App

I have a thick wallet. Not because I have plenty of money in it, but because I have a lot of things stuffed in it. My credit Card, ATM, IDs, calling cards and loyalty cards are all there. I do revisit these items from time to time, like doing an audit, checking out which ones I can store somewhere else or simply toss in my desk drawer. A thick wallet is not a comfortable thing when you’re sitting on it at the back pocket of your pants. I also learned that it darkens the skin of your derriere. So that made me check my wallet more often, so much so that at one point, I decided to leave almost all of my cards only to realize it’s not such a wise decision because I ended up missing some deals or treats from my favorite stores. So I had to juggle ...

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Product Launch – BenQ GW Series VA LED Monitor

BenQ GW 2250 VA LED

On September 13th, I was at the Torch Restaurant in San Juan for the launch of BenQ GW Series VA LED monitors. Now, I’m not really into such technology because I’m a laptop person. I only get to use a desktop and LED monitors in my previous job where i only deal with tons of spreadsheets, slideshows, reports, documents, so I never really bothered about this technology thinking they’re all just the same. Obviously I’m basing this point of view from experience and my understanding is that it only makes a difference when it comes to size, screen size, I mean. I have to admit though that there’s a nagging feeling that I need one because I now work from home as a freelance content writer for an Australian financial company. I think having a computer monitor would give me that office vibe and keep me focused on work. But ...

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Bankers Online Facebook App Help Us Talk to BPI Easily

BPI Bankers Online App Landing Page

Talking to the bank about money matters can be intimidating. I personally found it challenging to talk to bank staff even when inquiring about opening an account. I’m sure it’s a lot scary to ask about various products and services. But with the power of the Internet, I can get some information at the comfort of my home. Unfortunately though, that information can sometimes be outdated or irrelevant to my situation. Now BPI is making sure that everybody gets accurate, relevant information through Bankers Online Facebook App. At the recent unveiling of this new service, I learned that BPI recognizes the fact that people, Filipinos in particular, finds it hard to talk to bank personnel. Tapping on this understanding of social behavior, the financial institution is using technology where almost every Filipino has access on – Facebook. Using the Bankers Online Facebook App, anybody can ask just about anything relevant ...

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Bogus 2012 London Olympics Ticket Site Monitored by Trend Micro

London Olympics 2012

With the London Olympics craze, cybercriminals has decided to cash in on it. Global cloud security leader Trend Micro Incorporated successfully monitored bogus 2012 London Olympics ticket site. The anti-virus software maker  warns the public about a phishing website that claims to sell 2012 London Olympics tickets on Facebook. This was spotted earlier this week. The site mimics the official site of the 2012 London Olympics. Once a user clicks on the link from his Facebook wall, he is redirected to this phishing site where he is asked which  games he would like to watch live.  To buy the ticket to these chosen games, the website asks for the user’s personal and credit card.   “The official website of the London Olympics has a feature that allows users to check if the website selling tickets is legitimate… I’ve confirmed that is unauthorized. After further investigation, I’ve  verified that ...

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Inside the Anti-Virus Lab — the 1st TrendLabs Tour

Trend Micro

It’s been a long time since the last time that I was bothered by a computer virus. Back then I still rent computer and own boxes of floppy disks to store my files. I always create multiple copies of my data just to make sure I have backup in case my working disks gets infected. Now, I simply shrug computer viruses off. They have yet to create another chaos in my computing life that I’m no longer paranoid. It seemed that antivirus software has become better as time went by. Still, the invite to Trend Micro‘s 1st TrendLabs tour was too good to pass up. I still want to know what’s going on inside an antivirus lab. I was with a group of tech bloggers who visited the antivirus maker’s headquarter located at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas, Pasig City last June 27. The office houses the global technical ...

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Put Your Business on the Web via Google Maps Marketing

When I started blogging seriously, I got into different places I’ve never been before. These are business establishments like restaurants, events places or areas that are either new or I didn’t find the time to visit. Blogging has really opened up a lot of opportunities to explore the city I live in as I get invited to product launches and reviews, store openings, et al. Good thing there’s the Internet, and the Philippines has caught on little by little on Google Maps marketing. Google Maps has been my go-to website whenever I’m challenged to find my way around the city. I love that the maps for the Philippines has improved a lot compared to several years ago. I now get results for almost 100% of my searches. Although I’m aware that the maps are not updated real-time, I have never been disappointed, so I can say that the local maps are pretty accurate. ...

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Newbie Strategies to Build Website

tough brat bags website

When testing the waters to set up an online business, it’s perfectly alright and understandable to use free services on the web. Before I moved this blog to self-hosted WordPress, I used Google’s Blogger. When I started selling online, I signed up with eBay, Sulit and Multiply. These web services helped me succeed in my venture. But when things started to get serious, I realized I have to build website to establish a solid online presence. I wanted customers to know that my business is more than just a hobby. Free services are great. But they have terms and conditions that members must adhere to. That means I cannot add a link on my eBay listing that will bring the customer to my Multiply site where all my products can be seen. Otherwise, I risk being banned; I don’t want that. Customizing the look of my online store on Multiply ...

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All-Filipino Game App Sipa on iOS and Android

Today, kids are often caught up with video games, computers and television. In our community in Quezon City, I seldom see children playing the games I used to play when I was a kid — tumbang preso, luksong tinik, patintero. These games are part of the Filipino heritage that’s slowly fading away from our awareness. Recently, I met a group of Pinoys passionate to promote Filipino culture who came up with idea of creating a Pinoy game now available for download in iTunes and Android Market. The game is called Sipa: Street Hacky Sack. This development comes at a time when smartphone and tablet users are growing. Although one will find apps that has a touch of Filipino, I have yet to discover a true-blue Filipino app game in the iOS and Android marketplace. Sipa is the country’s national game, also known as Sepak Takraw. But the more popular version ...

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