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Samsung S6 is Now Available at Lazada.com.ph

Samsung Galaxy S6 now on Lazada Philippines

I got uneasy when I saw that Samsung S6 is now available at Lazada.com.ph. I remember going on a shopping spree with Lazada last year. Their delivery guys came over my place on a weekly basis to hand over the items that I purchased online. I really love online shopping on Lazada because of the various items they’re offering. My experience has been one of the most enjoyable online buying experience I’ve been through. I haven’t made a purchase this year, and seeing Samsung’s latest mobile phone while browsing is like calling me, haha… Lazada Philippines offers Samsung Galaxy S6 models in jaw-dropping price tags that would definitely not break your bank accounts. The Samsung S6 32GB currently carries a price tag of PhP 31,999 while the Samsung S6 EDGE 32GB is currently at PhP 36,999 and the Samsung S6 EDGE 64GB is being sold at PhP 42,999 – all of which could ...

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#JoyinABox Through the Krispy Kreme Mobile App

Krispy Kreme App on my Android Phone

Get your #JoyinABox through the Krispy Kreme Mobile App. Our favorite doughnut company harnesses the power of technology and has just launched the Krispy Kreme Mobile App. Now you can place your order and have your boxes of delightful treats delivered at your doorsteps or pick it up at the nearest store. This is the first mobile app from a doughnut company and it’s very convenient. It has surprises too! Available for download for Android and iOS, Krispy Kreme’s first mobile delivery application is packed with features. Aside from being able to place your order, you can also find the store near you. You can also filter which one has delivery service and those that are considered Hot Light Stores. The Krispy Kreme Mobile App is easy to use. I was able to order two dozens of assorted doughnuts in just a few presses on my smartphone. And I love the fact ...

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Starmobile KNIGHT Vision Unveiled

Starmobile Knight Vision

A new device has been recently announced – the Smartmobile KNIGHT Vision. It’s considered the first Filipino Android smartphone with built-in Digital TV (DTV) receiver. Considering that this new device is under the phone maker’s new naming convention – KNIGHT – it means this is a powerful Android-enabled phone along the line of Smartmobile KNIGHT X. “We are proud to introduce the KNIGHT Vision as we believe that DTV technology presents the biggest change in TV viewing ever,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen. “Mobile DTV is bigger than the introduction of color and HD broadcast combined.” he added. We’ve seen mobile phones with TV, but these offers analog broadcasts. KNIGHT Vision’s DTV uses digital TV signals capable of delivering clean and crisp images and audio similar to that of cable TV. Because there’s no static, it produces crystal clear audio and pictures wherever DTV services are available nationwide. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has ...

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APC UPS Trade-In Promo

APC UPS Trade-In Booth at Gilmore IT Center

I visited Gilmore IT Center last Friday afternoon and learned about the APC UPS trade-in promo. If you own an old UPS, be it an APC brand or not, you can bring it to participating APC Roadshow booths in selected participating malls. You can trade in as many old UPS you want, but only a maximum of 3 old units will be honored. In exchange of the UPS traded-in, you’ll get a Php500 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificate. So that means you can get as much as Php1,500 worth of GCs which can be used as discount for the new APC UPS purchase, or for other use such as shopping. You can purchase any of the following APC UPS from their store of choice: BX625CI-MS, BX650LI-MS, BX800LI-MS or BX1100LI-MS. These are recently launched models, giving old APC UPS owners an opportunity to upgrade. This is also the best option for ...

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Arcadium For 2 at Power Mac Center Levels Up

Arcadium For 2

Arcadium For 2 at Power Mac Center levels up this year as it rolls out its App Arcade Tournament that allows participating gamers to form a tag team and battle it out in the competition. Now on it’s fourth year, it’s the first time that teams will be competing in Arcadium for a chance to win premium Apple products and third-party accessories. This makes the competition more exciting and competitive, in addition to an already fun environment where Apple fans can enjoy and play the devices and software in a gaming environment. “More than just a tournament, Arcadium has become a gathering of Apple users who also share interest for digital gaming. With the unveiling of Arcadium for 2, Power Mac Center is about to double the fun and excitement for the crowds of gaming enthusiasts that we will attract to this year’s event,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Manager Joey Alvarez. Arcadium for ...

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Sweet Ride with GrabCarPlus (GrabCar+)

GrabCarPlus Mitsubishi Montero

One evening, I rode a Mitsubishi Montero on my way home from Makati. The car is not mine, nor a friend’s. It was a sweet ride with GrabCarPlus (GrabCar+) – a premium transport booking service provided by GrabTaxi, the pioneering taxi booking app in the Philippines. I’m sure you already know about it, either through this blog or elsewhere. But there’s more to what is being offered, and to keep you, my dear readers updated, let me tell you more about it. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’ve been sharing about this service ever since it was launched in the country. In fact, I’m one of the first to share the convenience and safety when riding a taxi with GrabTaxi even before it was formally launched in August of 2013. Upon discovery, I’ve used it whenever I need a cab ride. The company continues to innovate and ...

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Take Infinity Nado for a Spin

Infinity Nado Philippines Coaches - Jessica, Gem and Angel

Filipinos can now take Infinity Nado for a spin as the toy, along with the competitive game comes to the Philippine shore. After making its waves outside the country, popular toy-maker Auldey has decided to introduce the toy which is actually a spinning top. But don’t be deceive by such an idea alone. The toy can actually be considered hi-tech to the point that it’s used as fighting top. Intrigued? I sure was. But I got even more curious when I learned that grown ups can play too, and have the chance to win a new car. Infinity Nado, is based on a popular Anime series of the same title. The animation focuses on battle, justice and friendship, featuring the adventures of Jin and his teammates who enter the center of a Gyro-type tower to make it stop rotating and defeat the evil forces to save the world. The series is currently on ...

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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Now in the Philippines

Logitech G402

Dubbed as the world’s fastest gaming mouse, the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse is now available in Philippines, for a suggested retail price of US$49.00, that’s roughly a little over Php2,000 at the current exchange rate.  The gaming device offers first-of-its-kind fusion engine which delivers unmatched speed and precision, a must for any serious PC gamer. Logitech’ Gs exclusive Fusion Engine™ sensor technology is said to be capable of reliably tracking over 500 inches per second (IPS) and Logitech’s exclusive Delta Zero™ sensor technology for unrivaled accuracy. Created by Logitech engineers, the Fusion Engine in Hyperion Fury, addresses a problem many FPS players have, that is having a mouse that can’t track as fast as they can move. By combining state-of-the-art optical sensor technology with an accelerometer and gyroscope, the Fusion Engine provides unmatched tracking speed. “Hyperion Fury is now the go-to in my hardware arsenal,” said Braxton ...

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Sharp Brings the Future of Printing

Sharp and e-Copy Executives

It’s been quite sometime since the last time I handled machines for the office such as copiers and printers. I have been away from the corporate world for about 5 years now having ventured into entrepreneurship and becoming a virtual professional. I do have my laptop and a multi-function printer, but I know for a fact that what I have cannot be compared as far as power usage is concerned. Just recently, I learned that Sharp brings the future of printing with its new generation equipment unveiled, primarily the Sharp Pro Series Color Document Systems. Exclusively distributed by eCopy Corporation, Sharp’s line of multi-function copiers and printers are in tune with the digital technology. These machines are copiers, printers and scanners in one, no need to purchase separate equipment just to be able to do a particular task. And most of these machines are network-capable, which means anybody in the office ...

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Get the Epic Paint Adventure Game App Now on iOS and Android

Epic Paint Adventure

From the creator of the popular gaming app Street Food Tycoon now comes Epic Paint Adventure game app. And it’s already available for download free in iOS and Android devices starting today, March 20, 2014. It’s educational, it’s seemingly easy, but in actuality, it’s not. The Game Go through 72 levels of challenges in Epic Paint Adventure. The goal is to help famous artists such as Picasso, Monet and even the Filipino pride, Fernando Amorsolo bring their masterpieces to completion. Match the paints that are needed by each featured artist and solving some puzzles as well. The Graphics Colorful and cute graphics makes Epic Paint Adventure game an entertaining and engaging game app to play. I’m sure the kids will love it. But don’t be fooled by its nice looks alone. The Play Yes, Epic Paint Adventure is cute, colorful and I even thought it was easy. That’s because I ...

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