Beyond the Usual Function – Sound BlasterAxx Series of Speakers by Creative

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I grew up listening to music. I remember seeing stacks of vinyl records which eventually became stacks of cassette tapes, then CDs. I don’t see them now because I barely buy music in discs, I have everything in digital form. But one thing remains is the love for music heard over quality speakers. I have several of them, one in my bedroom, the other in the living room and one near my workstation. But they all have one function, to spew out quality sound for musical enjoyment. At a recent product launch, I discovered speakers meant beyond the usual function – the Sound BlasterAxx Series of speakers by Creative.

Sound BlasterAxx Product Launch

But of course you can also listen to music with these speakers, but what caught my attention is how Singapore-based technology company Creative capitalized on the technology today to bring a product that fits the lifestyle of this generation. I’m referring to every gadget-toting individual who can’t leave without their mobile phones, who love to be connected and post a status message on every social media accounts imaginable. Yep, that includes you and me. I have to admit that I am very much into technology and I can’t leave without it. So much so that I crave having the latest, including these speakers. The Sound BlasterAxx line of speakers, at least the two — the SBX 20 and SBX 10 models — are wireless speakers that can be connected to a smartphone, tablet and laptop via Bluetooth technology. That means I don’t have to fumble through the wires to connect my gadget. All it takes is a click or two and my music is streamed through the speaker. That’s very convenient.

Sound BlasterAxx SBX 10 with iPhone

But Bluetooth technology is not just the good thing about these speakers. It takes advantage of the wireless technology to be able to take hands-free calls by integrating a microphone into the system, allowing the user to move around the house and still be able to carry out a phone conversation. This is also possible when connected to a laptop or desktop computer and a Skype conversation is on-going. Suddenly, the thoughts of having Skype calls with my overseas contacts comes to mind. What’s even better is that these speakers will optimize my voice as I move around a room when I’m on a call. Using Smart Volume technology, it maintains the loudness of my voice even if I’m far from a Sound BlasterAxx speakers, ensuring that the caller on the other line can hear me well. And if that’s not enough, Creative also implemented noise reduction technology into these speakers. With a simple touch of a finger, ambient noises around me gets blocked out. Now I don’t have to worry about the neighborhood’s dog barking and interrupting a conversation. I don’t have to go to my room just to block out the voices of children shouting. But if there’s a lot of noise in the background, I can switch Voice Focus on. This feature pin-points accurate voice pick-up by shooting an acoustic beam at me and all other voices outside the width of this beam are removed from the call.

Sound BlasterAxx Control Panel

These features can be accessed by pressing the touch panel on top of the speakers or on the connected equipment, which could either be a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The Sound BlasterAxx Series of speakers by Creative are just what everybody needs in this generation. It goes beyond the usual function without sacrificing the quality of sound as it spews out music if ever I resume to listening mode. Check out this video to clearly understand what this product can deliver.


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    1. Personally, I would highly recommend this product but that’s just because of how I intend to use it. I have speakers at home and they do serve their own purpose, and that is spewing out quality sound and music. But the Sound BlasterAxx doesn’t offer just that functionality alone… it goes beyond a music audio equipment but a communication device as well. watch the video and you’ll understand more on what i mean 🙂

  1. cool speakers! i love the wireless technology feature.. i always use the loudspeaker on my phone but it just won’t do the job efficiently..especially with all the noise and static you’ll hear..

    1. If you intend to use these speakers for the sole purpose of listening to music, it is expensive. The smallest one is about P4,000, the one in the middle is around P8,000 and the biggest is P12,000.

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