LINE Mobile Messenger is a Cool Way to Send a Message

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LINE - Free Calls and MessagesI have one of my latest app discovery, not that I haven’t tried new apps that comes my way for my Android phone. This one is different because it’s a cool way to send a message – Line Mobile Messenger! I learned about it during a press conference last month attended by the NHN Corporation executives.

I know, I know… I’m sure you’ll say “what’s new?” thinking that all mobile messaging app are typically the same in function. For one, LINE offers free messaging, calling and group chatting. But that’s not all, this mobile messaging application features various social network service elements such as Stickers, Home & Timeline. It’s also tightly integrated into LINE’s multiple family apps – LINE Game and LINE Camera.

LINE Mobile Messenger Features What does all these features mean? Simply put, it’s a cool way to send a message. It makes text messaging a thing of the past with all these cute characters. Emoticons are pumped up to a different level. How cool is that? Plus users can unleash their creative side by editing photos on the fly.

And because the coolest mobile messenger is now in the Philippines, it means we’ll be seeing localized content from its developers. LINE Mobile Messenger‘s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds since launched in June 2011. It has surpassed the 110 million user in 231 countries for a short period of time. It’s entry into the Philippine market simply acknowledges the fact that smartphone usage is growing in our country, and that means more opportunity for growth in their brand.

Mr. Hyun-bin Kang, Director of LINE Business Office - NHN CorpDuring the press conference, Director of LINE Business Office, NHN Corp., Mr. Hyun-bin Kang said, “Through the continuous release of features, LINE has become wildly popular in Asia and is also rapidly growing in North America and Europe, as well as in Spanish speaking countries. LINE is an ideal communication tool for the Philippines, the world’s text-messaging capital. Users can communicate through various methods such as free messages, local and international calls, and even by playing games together.” He added, “LINE’s fun stickers will also enable the users in the Philippines, who are known to freely express their feelings, to accurately illustrate and visualize their emotions. The Philippines is a new target market for LINE and LINE is striving to introduce localized dynamic and distinct features for users in the Philippines.”

LINE plans to collaborate with various Philippine companies and carry out local marketing activities to benefit users. It has plans to actively carry out marketing campaigns like partnering with local artists, animation and entertainment companies to release various localized contents such as stickers and Official Accounts, solely for users in the Philippines. Moreover, LINE intends to outsource fun games through cooperation with game developers in the Philippines. That’s a very promising entry into the Philippine market.

For more information about LINE products and services, visit their website at Connect with LINE Global on Facebook at , LINE Philippines: and follow their official blog at . Better yet, download the app on your smartphone to discover how LINE Mobile Messenger is a cool way to send a message.

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