Tapeo The Fort Strip a la carte Offerings

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Al Fresco dining at Tapeo The Fort StripRecently, I discovered Tapeo The Fort Strip a la carte offerings and more. I consider the restaurant as Bonifacio Global City’s hidden gem as the restaurant is not very visible. But they offer good food in a cozy Spanish ambiance that I love. Established by MonDay Chefs — chef-consultants Mon Urbano and Day Salonga, in February 2013, Tapeo is known for bite-sized appetizers that are usually paired with wine. I have to admit that the moment I got the invitation, I was thinking of pigging out on dishes revolving around our very own tapa, cured beef prepared in different ways. I was so wrong because I experienced Spanish dishes. I’m not complaining. In fact, I love it!Tapas 101 - Tapeo The Fort Strip

A glass of Sangria at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Tapas means lid

I love the learning experience as I was educated that there actually is a tapas tradition in Spain which, according to the legend, can be traced back in the 13th century during the reign of King Alfonso X “The Wise” who fell ill. The king was given wine as a prescription to relieve his pain. But, apparently, a “small bite” of food was served along with the wine to control the effects of the alcohol. That may include becoming an alcoholic among others. The food was served on a plate covering the glass, hence, tapa is lid as it’s meant to cover the wine glass when served.

Chef Mon Urbano at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Chef Mon Urbano
Nana Nadal with Chef Day Salonga at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Nana Nadal with Chef Day Salonga and blogger Millette Sison

While waiting for other guests to arrive, we had Maset Blanco and Tapeo Sangria – the restaurant’s best seller while chatting with PR professional Nana Nadal and restaurant owners Chefs Mon and Day. Our evening started to roll as food started coming in. We started with Lechuga Roman con Cabrales (Php195.00) – it’s a salad mix of Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, apple slices, honey roasted almonds and crumbled blue cheese with roasted apple piñon dressing. I enjoyed the fruity and nutty flavor with the apples, tomatoes and almonds. The salad is a perfect way to whet your appetite.

Lechuga Romana con Cabrales  at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Lechuga Romana con Cabrales

Then we had Tortillas de Patatas y Jamon Serrano (Php195.00), a potato and Serrano ham omelet served with aioli or mayonnaise seasoned with garlic. While taking photos of this dish, I can’t help but go hungry because it smells so good I wanted to dig in immediately. Good thing I got hold of my self, hehe. And it taste so good as it smells. It was my first time to have an omelet this thick, but the ham and entire flavor was not lost with all the eggs.

Tortilla de Patatas y Jamon Serrano at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Tortilla de Patatas y Jamon Serrano

Manchego Frito (Php342.00) came along – this fried manchego cheese is a perfect finger food. I learned that manchego cheese is actually made of sheep’s milk. Quite interesting.

Manchego Frito at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Manchego Frito

But nothing can be more interesting than Angulas (Php695.00) – it’s baby eel cooked with garlic infused oil. The dish can be considered exotic, but really, it’s so good you won’t even consider it to be one. Angulas is so flavorful, the thought that I’m eating baby eel became neglectful.

Angulas at Tapeo The Fort Strip

Do you enjoy pork and beans? If you do, you’ll love Cerdo al Horno (Php340.00). I’m not really into pork and beans but who can resist a slow roasted pork belly served with fabada and zaffron rice? I couldn’t.

Cerdo al Horno at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Cerdo al Horno

After feasting on pork belly, I turned my attention to Costillas Asadas (Php498.00) – it’s Spanish pork riblets barbeque served with Patatas Bravas. The meat is so tender it won’t require much effort to separate it from the ribs. But the biggest surprise of this dish is the potato side dish which everyone can’t get enough off. Don’t get me wrong, the flavorful barbecued pork riblets are good. But the Patatas Bravas has won us over.

Costillas Asadas at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Costillas Asadas

Tapeo offers skewers in different kinds. We had lamb skewers aka Pinchos de Cordero (Php315); chicken skewers or Pinchos de Pollo (Php275.00); and the tuna version, Pinchos de Atun (Php285.00). All skewers dish come with zaffron rice. I love that I can distinguish one dish from the other despite looking almost the same.

Pinchos de Cordero at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Pinchos de Cordero
Pinchos de Pollo at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Pinchos de Pollo
Pinchos de Atun at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Pinchos de Atun

Always leave room for dessert when you’re in Tapeo. We had Churos con Chocolate (Php152.00) and Brazo de Tapeo (Php152.00). I love that the churros are not oily compared to the ones I tried. But I enjoyed Brazo de Tapeo the most because it’s so deliciously sinful. The chefs consider this cake as the evil twin sister of Brazo de Mercedes simply because of the color. Instead of the usual cream-colored dessert, they added chocolate and infused it with cherry wine, giving this sweet treat a totally different taste.

Churros con Chocolate at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Churros con Chocolate
Brazo de Tapeo at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Brazo de Tapeo

There’s really nothing that I can’t recommend among the a la carte offering of Tapeo as each dish has it’s own character and flavor, and nothing tastes bad. Although if I were to choose, I’d have the salad, the omelet, and the baby eel dish for starters. Then I’d go for the pork and beans because of the melt-in-your mouth goodness of the meat. And to balance it out, I’ll have the tuna skewers. I’ll make sure to sip the sangria in between. Of course, the Brazo de Tapeo will definitely cap my meal.

Chefs Day and Mon with Señor Juan Antonio and guest at Tapeo The Fort Strip
Chefs Day and Mon with Señor Juan Antonio and guest

Good food enjoyed in an environment that seems to transport you to Spain. Tapeo’s ambiance is casual and intimate because it’s not big. But some Wednesday nights can be fun and rowdy when Spain’s Señor Juan Antonio is performing during the “Baile Flamenco” which we happen to chance upon the night we were there. Some Wednesday nights could be a chill night when it’s time for “La Guitarra” (Spanish Guitar Night) with Iyo Enginco, a classic guitar player.Señor Juan Antonio dances with the ladies at Tapeo The Fort Strip

Visit Tapeo The Fort Strip and order their a la carte menu or check out there other offerings. Located at The Fort Strip along 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, it’s near the NBC Tent and walking distance from Bonifacio High Street. Call phone number (02) 556-2668 or connect with Tapeo on Facebook and Instagram. Check out their ongoing promos:

Unlimited TapasClick to add a blog post for Tapeo on Zomato
Monday to Saturday – 2pm to 9pm
Sunday – 6pm to 10pm

Happy Hour – 50% on all classic cocktails
Monday to Friday – 2pm to 7pm
Sat and Sunday – 6pm onwards

WineDown Wednesday – 50% OFF on featured wine
Wednesdays – 6pm onwards

Sangria Weekend – Buy 1 and Get 2nd pitcher 50% OFF*
Buy 1 Red Sangria and Get White Sangria 50% OFF or Buy White Sangria and get Red Sangria 50% OFF
Saturday and Sunday – 6pm onwards

Lunch for 3 for only P650.00
Which includes main course, drinks and dessert
Monday to Saturday 11am to 2pm

Restaurant Hours:
Monday and Tuesday: 11am to 12mn
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am to 1am
Friday and Saturday: 11am to 2am
Sunday: 11am-2pm and 6pm to 10pm

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