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DreamWorks’ Animation on “Turbo” Rendered on HP

DreamWorks Animation Film Turbo

Have you watched the feature animation film “Turbo” shown recently? If you haven’t, try to catch it on cinemas if they’re still showing. If not, buy it when it becomes available on DVD. It’s one of the inspiring animation movie I’ve seen and its worth watching by kids and adults alike. But one interesting thing that I learned was that DreamWorks’ animation on “Turbo” was rendered on HP. I have to admit that when we talk about film production and animation, I would always think it was done on a Mac. To know that HP technology was used on cutting-edge animation like Turbo was surprising. Not that HP is lesser than any other tech companies, but primarily because HP has been synonymous to business use having used HP workstations at work and having seen bosses using HP laptops. But come to think of it, HP is one of the pioneers ...

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