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Backroom Inc Launches its Social Media Portal

The website rendered on my tablet as it went live at the Backroom 25 on 25 event

As it celebrates 25 years in the entertainment industry, Backroom Inc launches its social media portal. The exclusive event held last November 25, dubbed Backroom 25 on 25 was held at the Astoria Chardonnay in Pasig City and was graced by the artists managed by the talent company founded by award-winning host Boy Abunda. Marielle Rodriguez-Padilla, Drew Arellano and Bianca Gonzales were present to host the event. Sitti Navarro, K Brosas and Pooh provided entertainment for everyone. Actresses Dawn Zulueta, Gelli de Belen and Aiko Melendez were present. Newscasters and couple Tin  Tin Bersola-Babao and Julius Babao were also at the event. The portal connects the public to their favorite Backroom artists in their different social media accounts. The celebrities’ accounts is in sync with Backroom’s social media portal. But what makes the Backroom social media portal different from the rest of entertainment portal is that each Backroom artists have ...

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Blogs Lead Me to Try New Restaurants

Food Blog

Before I became a blogger, I am a foodie first and foremost. And for me, blogs lead me to try new restaurants. Whenever I search for places to eat, I would look into Google and will find blogs reviewing restaurants and food. Today, there are a lot of online resources that foodies can refer to when it comes to restaurant reviews, but blogs are still my number one online resources. It’s Noisy Out There There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foodspotting, Zomato and many more that aims to serve foodies searching for the best places to eat. But I do find it difficult to sift through all the noise in social media, unless they pique my interest and engages me in some way. Otherwise I would still ask Google or visit food blogs to figure out what’s new, what’s good and where. Only then would I explore the restaurant’s social media pages ...

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Bankers Online Facebook App Help Us Talk to BPI Easily

BPI Bankers Online App Landing Page

Talking to the bank about money matters can be intimidating. I personally found it challenging to talk to bank staff even when inquiring about opening an account. I’m sure it’s a lot scary to ask about various products and services. But with the power of the Internet, I can get some information at the comfort of my home. Unfortunately though, that information can sometimes be outdated or irrelevant to my situation. Now BPI is making sure that everybody gets accurate, relevant information through Bankers Online Facebook App. At the recent unveiling of this new service, I learned that BPI recognizes the fact that people, Filipinos in particular, finds it hard to talk to bank personnel. Tapping on this understanding of social behavior, the financial institution is using technology where almost every Filipino has access on – Facebook. Using the Bankers Online Facebook App, anybody can ask just about anything relevant ...

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Pinoy_Blogfest 2.0 Advocates Social Media for Social Good

With Filipinos once again acknowledged as among the most active social media users — via FaceBook, Twitter, Multiply, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, etc. — Filipino bloggers are challenged to explore the potential of social media as a transformative force in Philippine society.  “Social media as an agent for change” will be the theme of Pinoy_Blogfest 2.0, happening on Friday, 05 August 2011, at the TriNoma Activity Center in Quezon City. Leading the discussion will be prominent social media activists Usec. Manuel (Manolo) L. Quezon III and Ms. Gang Badoy, who will share their thoughts on these two basic questions: How can we harness the power of social media for the social good?  Can bloggers become positive change agents through social networking? Both Usec. Quezon and Ms. Badoy will be the main speakers during the Blogger’s BIO (By Invitation Only) programme, scheduled from 7:00 to 10:00 pm as the culminating activity of Pinoy_Blogfest 2.0 on Friday, 05 ...

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