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Savor Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka

Addicting Snack - Chikn Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka flavor

Snack offerings come and go. I’ve had some favorites from some brands which I ended up missing because they’ve been eventually discontinued. It’s a good thing there are old favorites that I grew up with that I can come back anytime, such as the Jack ‘n Jill snacks. Now I have another favorite and I’m confident it won’t be gone in the market – Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka flavor. I’ve been enjoying Chicharron ni Mang Juan for quite sometime and have been trying to control myself buying a pack or two whenever I go to the grocery. But when this new Jack ‘n Jill offering was introduced to me, I had difficulty not munching on it every now and then. It’s really addicting. Who wouldn’t? Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka flavor is so delectable and perfectly combines the flavor of popular fried chicken skin and ...

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#DiscoverDelight with Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff

A box of Jack 'n Jill Mallow Puff

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you would know that I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolates, cakes, pastries and anything that spells dessert. Not just desserts, of course. It’s got to be of good quality, and really delicious. I tasted some that are not worthy to mention, and that’s why I never bothered blogging about them. But now, I found one that is worth dedicating an entire blog, because Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff is a delightful discovery. Mallow Puff is made of marshmallow on top of a cake as base and coated with chocolate. The description alone spells “yummy” and brings back my childhood memories. When I was a kid, I would always request a similar treat from my mom whenever we’d go to the groceries or when she’d ask me for one to bring home. I really love the rich chocolate coating, plus the fluffiness of the marshmallow, ...

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Pretzel Crisps is Snacking to the Next Level

Pretzel Crisps in Cheese 'n Garlic and Honey Mustard Flavor

While others went on a vacation some place, I stayed at home during the long weekend while Pope Francis roamed the country. Unlike the rest of the working population, I’m not able to enjoy the holiday because my clients are based outside the Philippines and I had to be online. It’s a good thing that I discovered delightful pretzel snacks with Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel Crisps. It sure brought my snacking to the next level, taking the boredom away even while working or watching TV. I was surprised to see how Universal Robina Corporation put a spin to pretzel. I can recall during my childhood how I love those chocolate-coated pretzels, and that’s how I remember it to be until I eventually realized this treat also comes in twisted form and not just a long log-like ones I’ve come to know. As I became older, snacking somehow became boring with ...

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Holy Cow, it’s Pop Corn! It’s Holy Kettle Corn!

Holy Kettle Corn Snack Packs

I’ve been seeing this small kiosk selling pop corn as I roam the city, Holly Kettle Corn reads the store name. I always wanted to try it, knowing that pop corn is actually a healthy snack compared to chips. I’ve had my share of pop corn cooking as these snack comes in many forms in the grocery. But I’m not really into such snacking form so I seldom get to buy. I’d rather eat stuff that’s more filling, but it’s a fact that sometimes, you just don’t have the time to make snacks. These types of snacks are really convenient to have, so I gave it a go and had a couple of flavors of Holy Kettle Corn. I was surprised that they come in sealed foil packs, except for one — the original flavor comes in paper packaging. I then realized this is different from another brand with an ...

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