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Great Food and Drinks + Hip Vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati

I’ve talked about about Mondo Juice in my blog, calling it a healthy alternative to the proliferating coffee lifestyle in the city. Last year, I shared a better milk tea from SIP Milk Tea. Here’s good news! Both juice bar and milk tea shop are now in one location. It’s the perfect equation: great food and drinks + hip vibe = Mondo Juice + SIP Milk Tea Makati. Located along Rada (Thailand) Street in the midst of corporate Legaspi Village in Makati, you’ll find Mondo Juice and SIP Milk Tea in combined location. These cafes are actually owned and managed by one group, hence, it’s not a surprise to see them in one dining area. I was aware that the milk tea shop will be having a branch in Makati, but when I dropped by recently, I was surprised with what I saw. Entering the place, it’s one huge dining ...

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Passion for Tea – SIP Milk Tea Passion Fruit

Yahoo!! for Passionfruit Tea - SIP Milk Tea

No doubt, I am now hooked with SIP Milk Tea. Who wouldn’t? The Cubao branch is just near my place, and the drinks are really good. Plus I am aware of their passion for tea. I passed by the tea shop the other night coming from an appointment and decided to order food and drink to go.I already had their signature drinks – Mango Cheesecake Tea and Caramel Mesteazo. It’s about time to have something toned down, a simple drink. I checked out their menu and decided to order Passion Fruit Tea. FYI, those items with bumblebee characters are their bestsellers. If you’re a new customer, you won’t be lost which one to order because SIP Milk Tea made a point to be proactive by taking note of what customers are likely to enjoy. How thoughtful! But of course, the crew manning the order counter would be more than glad ...

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Pure Milk Tea Pleasure – SIP Milk Tea’s Caramel Mesteazo

SIP Milk Tea Caramel Mesteazo

Last week, I shared my recent chilled drink discovery — Cheesecake Tea by SIP Milk Tea. I was so in love with this concoction that when I learned they also have a branch at Robinson’s Galleria, I searched the entire mall to buy me a drink when I went to the mall this week. I thought I will be disappointed because I can’t seem to find the place. I was so glad to find this milk tea shop at the 2nd floor near the escalator. I went in and ordered one of their signature drinks – the Caramel Mesteazo with Coffee Jelly topper. A play of words, SIP Milk Tea‘s Mesteazo drink is a blend of green milk tea and flavored black tea. Basing it from the Caramel Mesteazo that I ordered, the lower half part of the drink is the black tea flavored with caramel while the upper half ...

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Have a Cake and Sip it Too – SIP Cheesecake Tea

Creamy Cheesecake Tea - Sip Milk Tea New Farmers Plaza

Nope, I did not make a mistake. I am aware of the idiomatic expression “Have one’s cake and eat it too” but that’s not what I mean. I’m referring to my latest drink discovery — Cheesecake Tea by SIP Milk Tea. I happen to be at this new tea shop at the 3rd floor of New Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao, Quezon City. The place is quite spacious unlike other stores offering similar drinks. And the line at the order counter is quite long. One that really stood out for me was the Cheesecake Tea and ordered one in mango variety. As I waited at the seating area, I can’t help but notice how busy their staff are, working on the orders. I love the fact that their kitchen area is open for everyone to see. I also love their interior – clean white walls, blue accents and yellow chairs. It’s ...

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