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Cake Buffet at Goldilocks National Cake Day 

Goldilocks National Cake Day

I have a sweet tooth and one of the food that I enjoy is cake. That’s why I immediately agreed to an invite at Goldilocks National Cake Day. After all, how can I resist the cake-all-you-can experience? The first-ever Goldilocks cake buffet was held at SM City Manila on a Saturday, November 26th. Goldilocks has been making cakes for 50 years and has delighted Filipinos of every age. I remember having Goldilocks cakes on my birthday as a kid. Ever evolving to meet the consumers’ changing needs, the bake shop has tons of cakes, pastries and other desserts to offer. From the classic favorites like Chocolate and Butter cakes to the more special Black Forest and Brazo de Mercedes, Goldilocks has been on top of their cake game. Goldilocks National Cake Day is part of the company’s 50th Birthday Celebration. Guests were treated to all the classic and premium Goldilocks ...

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Adventure Time Birthday Party

Goldilocks Adventure Time Cake

As a kid, a birthday is party time and an adventure time. It’s the day to look forward to because of the awesome happenings. Your parents would throw a party for you with your friends. This is the time when playtime is uninhibited, and with cool stuff to give and receive. Even better is that you can have a cake dedicated especially for you. It’s a day filled with fun.Now, you can get into more adventure with Goldilocks customizable Adventure Time theme cakes. After all, no one else loves it more than Adventure Times’ mathematical duo, Finn and Jake. Add in a dash of Princess Bubblegum’s wit and LSP’s sass and you’ve got yourselves a party. Kids will definitely shout “Slamacow!” in delight with the amazingly soft chiffon and fondant cake. It’s topped and draped with Adventure Time characters and scenes. Pick up these algebraic cakes from any Goldilocks branches ...

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Goldilocks Makes Mondays Easier

Goldilocks Buena Mano Mondays Promo

Do you look forward to Mondays? I usually don’t. The moment Sunday night sets in, I’m hoping I could stretch it out a few hours more. I know I’m not alone because it’s a fact that very few people look forward to Mondays. It’s going back to reality. For children, it’s going back to school with all the examinations and assignments; for grown ups it’s reporting to work, traffic and deadlines. How do you deal with this dreaded day? I treat myself to something sweet. Goldilocks makes Mondays easier with their Leche Flan and Ube Halaya.  These sweet treats turn my whole day around, taking the Monday blues away. It’s a good thing their Leche Flan is now available in smaller size or I would have devoured the big portion all by myself. And because of the smaller portion, it’s perfect for a quick, delightful and delectable snack. Of course, ...

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Beat the Summer Heat with the Ultimate Pampalamig

Goldilocks Thirst Quenchers

We’re in the middle of summer and there’s no denying that the fun that comes with the season in the Philippines is the intolerable blast of hot weather. But we all beat the summer heat because it’s that time of the year when we can’t help but go out. Armed with sunnies and flip-flops, we’re gabbed in the most comfortable outerwear for some fun in the sun. Whether your idea of a perfect summer is an out of town adventure or relaxing hangout in the city, the only way to survive the stifling heat is to keep cool and hydrated. There’s nothing quite like a nice, frosty, and gently perspiring pampalamig (cooler) to freshen up and beat the summer heat in a sizzling afternoon. Beat the summer heat with a special selection of truly Pinoy Thirst Quenchers from Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop. No doubt, after almost fifty years ...

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