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Recognizing the Unsung Heroes in My Life

Unsung hero

For almost 8 years, I lived alone after my mom passed away in 2005. Despite being an adult, I do miss feeling being loved and taken cared of. Good thing I get that from time to time, and then some from my auntie and cousin, the unsung heroes in my life. I now live with them because it feels crazy being alone. This is actually the second time we’re living in one room. For the longest time in my life, we live together with my mom and uncles. We’re quite a tightly-knit family. But life is not always perfect and so came a point when we all had to go separate ways. And so I thought I should keep it that way when my mother went to heaven. I was touched to see my auntie and cousin show concern even when I’m away. There was even a point when i ...

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Of Cory Monteith, Addiction and Family

Cory Monteith

I’m sure by now everyone knows the real cause of death of Glee star Cory Monteith. A mix of alcohol and heroin killed the 31-year old actor who was found dead inside his room at a hotel in Vancouver. Such a waste for a talented person at a time when he’s at the top of his game. Why did he continue taking these substance despite being aware of his addiction and even after recently going into the rehab? Nobody can really tell. But as I read news about the development of Monteith’s case, I learned that he has been into drugs since his teenage years. I also read somewhere, a friend sharing that the actor was trying his best to stay away from drugs but just couldn’t. His body was already cremated immediately after a private viewing at the hospital. News states that only his mother, brother and girlfriend, Glee ...

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Top Cities in Europe to Travel Around With Your Parents

Top Cities in Europe to Travel With Your Parents

Travelling with your parents is a great way to really strengthen your relationship, and spend some quality time while exploring the best that the world has to offer. However, some destinations are better than others when it comes to what everyone will enjoy, so it’s essential to bear this in mind before you start making any bookings! Here are the top cities in Europe to travel around when you’re overseas with your parents. Picturesque Paris There’s so much to see and do in Paris that your greatest challenge will be deciding where to go first! Experience luxury shopping along the Champs Elysees, climb the iconic Eiffel Tower and go for a scenic cruise on the Seine to start your Parisian adventure. Coffee and croissants in a quaint café provides a great excuse to rest, before continuing your tour of this incredibly diverse city. For the culturally inclined, a visit to ...

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Loved Ones and the Moments Away from Home

Mama at Work in Taiwan

If you’re a regular reader of The City Roamer, chances are you came across my blogs about Max’s Restaurant at least once. Yep, the restaurant that fried chicken built has been part of my life as a blogger and a customer. One of the service I enjoyed is Max’s Online Delivery. I always take advantage of these online ordering services from different restaurants in the Philippines, not only because it’s convenient, but also because I don’t have to make a call just to get my food delivered at my doorstep. Tipid, di ba? 😉 But Max’s has been at the forefront of this service that they have enabled online ordering overseas. The service makes it all easy for our family and friends working and living abroad to send love ones in the Philippines good food, and technically bond with everyone even from afar. I suddenly remembered my mom and our ...

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