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Snacking on Chachos Tortilla Chips

Chachos Tortilla Chips in Spicy Curry, BBQ Bonanza and Cheesy Cheese

I found myself snacking on Chachos Tortilla Chips this holiday season. With time away from work, me and my family spent my days watching movies or surfing the web at home. While there are lots of foods to gobble, I would quickly reach for a pack of Chachos. I love the light and crispy chips of Chachos. My auntie enjoyed these chips because they’re not hard to munch on. We enjoyed the flavors too! Available in Cheesy Cheese, BBQ Bonanza and Spicy Curry, everyone will have their own favorite. My cousin loves BBQ Bonanza with its sweet flavor. My favorite is the Spicy Curry because of it’s unique flavor. Though it’s not “hot” as I expected it to be, snacking on a Chachos Tortilla Chips in Spicy Curry variant feels like I’m eating something with a hint of wasabi or any Asian spice in particular. Go snacking on Chachos Tortilla ...

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