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Get Out More – BPI Knows You Deserve It

Top 7 Philippine Destinations - Get Out More - BPI

I’m sure you were able to catch this BPI TVC even once at least. It’s one of those commercials that hit me simply because I can relate to the main character’s dilemma. When we’re out of budget, despite our longing to travel to different places in the country, we simply had to excuse ourselves from any invitation to join. For the longest time of my life, I simply had to say “No” even if my heart is saying “Yes” because I have more pressing matters to attend to as far as finances are concerned. You see, early in my working life, I am already tasked to have a share on family expenses which includes sending a cousin to school, rent, utilities, etc. As young professional, I wanted to go out more and get more out of my earnings. From time to time, I’m able to go out, but not as ...

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Bankers Online Facebook App Help Us Talk to BPI Easily

BPI Bankers Online App Landing Page

Talking to the bank about money matters can be intimidating. I personally found it challenging to talk to bank staff even when inquiring about opening an account. I’m sure it’s a lot scary to ask about various products and services. But with the power of the Internet, I can get some information at the comfort of my home. Unfortunately though, that information can sometimes be outdated or irrelevant to my situation. Now BPI is making sure that everybody gets accurate, relevant information through Bankers Online Facebook App. At the recent unveiling of this new service, I learned that BPI recognizes the fact that people, Filipinos in particular, finds it hard to talk to bank personnel. Tapping on this understanding of social behavior, the financial institution is using technology where almost every Filipino has access on – Facebook. Using the Bankers Online Facebook App, anybody can ask just about anything relevant ...

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