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GrabCarPlus Mitsubishi Montero

Sweet Ride with GrabCarPlus (GrabCar+)

GrabCarPlus Mitsubishi MonteroOne evening, I rode a Mitsubishi Montero on my way home from Makati. The car is not mine, nor a friend’s. It was a sweet ride with GrabCarPlus (GrabCar+) – a premium transport booking service provided by GrabTaxi, the pioneering taxi booking app in the Philippines. I’m sure you already know about it, either through this blog or elsewhere. But there’s more to what is being offered, and to keep you, my dear readers updated, let me tell you more about it.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’ve been sharing about this service ever since it was launched in the country. In fact, I’m one of the first to share the convenience and safety when riding a taxi with GrabTaxi even before it was formally launched in August of 2013. Upon discovery, I’ve used it whenever I need a cab ride.

A Hyundai Sonata is my ride to the GrabCar Media LaunchThe company continues to innovate and launched GrabCar in May 2014. I even shared my experience riding a Hyundai Sonata and giving it a score of 4 when the service was launched. While other blogger friends were fetched with a Nissan Patrol, a Hyundai Sta. Fe, and other rides that are not used for taxi service. We all enjoyed the ride.

For me, that was truly revolutionary and thought things can’t be any better. But it seems that the people behind GrabTaxi is not one to sit on their laurels. Now they’ve reclassified their services to make it even better. There’s the usual GrabTaxi where you can book a cab with a booking fee of Php70.00. But if you want a special ride, you can book an unmarked car via GrabCar and get the standard sedans of the newest models such as Honda City, Toyota Altis, Mitsubishi Lancer.

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GrabCarPlus - Hummer 3But if you want a sweet ride like a Hummer, Toyota Fortuner, Mini Cooper, Montero, Camry or a Teana, there’s GrabTaxi+. You will definitely arrive in style at your destination in these SUVs and premium sedans. And what’s even sweeter is that the fare was adjusted to reflect the service.

GrabTaxi AppBefore, taking a GrabCar ride can be quite expensive. Booking one from Quezon City to Mall of Asia can cost you Php500 and above. With the new classification, the base fare of a GrabCar ride is Php40.00 and additional Php15.00 per kilometer. The GrabCar+ ride base fare is Php90.00, additional Php20.00 per kilometer. Commuters don’t need to worry about per minute charging because there’s none!

My ride from Bonifacio High Street to Project 4, Quezon City one evening in February cost me Php199. An ordinary cab ride would have costed me more. I paid cash, but soon debit and credit card payment options will be available. It makes me want a sweet ride with GrabCarPlus (GrabCar+) often. Well, with the reclassification and fare adjustments, it looks like this will be a possibility.


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