Super8 Super Blowout on its 11th Year Anniversary

Super Great Shopping at Super8Celebrating 11 years in business, shoppers can expect a Super8 Super Blowout! Yep, the grocery chain has a lot of great things in store for shoppers to enjoy. Rewards, Pa-grocery hakot, and 5-day sale. How’s that for a true super anniversary blowout?! Amazing! 😉

Bloggers were recently invited for a glimpse of Super8 Super Blowout. First of all, I was surprised how big the Super8 Alphaland Southgate branch is. I passed by it several times but didn’t really manage to go inside.

Ample space to move around at Super8 Grocery Warehouse Alphaland Southgate branchWe experienced the pa-grocery hakot and it was really exciting! I participated in the Bloggers Hakot Activity where we were given 5 minutes to shop with a budget of Php2,000. I also got to experience using Super8 Rewards Card where the budget allocated for grocery shopping was pre-loaded.

Blogger Marco Polo Demo doing his grocery shoppingGoing around Super8 grocery for a shopping challenge is a fun experience. I love that there’s ample space to move around, perfect when you’re in a hurry. Just in time, I got all the things I need and proceeded to the checkout.

Checkout at Super8 Alphaland Southgate branch
Checkout at Super8 Alphaland Southgate branch

Surprisingly, the total amount of the items I shopped for was less than Php2,000. And to think I already shopped for what I need. That goes to show that Super8 offers grocery items at affordable price. Indeed, the chain of Super8 grocery warehouses offers spot-on service and quality supplies at unbeatably low prices!

My bag-full of grocery from the Bloggers Hakot ActivityThis is a great discovery, and the good thing is there’s a Super8 near my place in Cubao, Quezon City. I really want to experience the Super8 Super Blowout perks and surprises!

Bloggers experienced grocery shopping at Super8 Alphaland Southgate branchAt the bloggers event, we were joined by Super8 General Manager, Armand Mendoza. We learned that Super8 Retail Systems, Inc started its 7 outlets in 2006. That’s after winning the bid to assume the Uniwide Sale’s grocery business. That’s interesting because I’m familiar with Uniwide since I was a kid.

Mr Mendoza shared, “We want to reward our loyal customers who have been with us through the years… We want to let them know that Super 8 appreciates them, and wants to give back by way of these very exciting promos.”

My Super8 Rewards CardFor every P4,000 worth of grocery purchases, Super8 Rewards Card (SRC) holders will automatically be rewarded with 80 points. Duration is from August 1-31, 2017.

Get your Super8 Rewards CardLikewise, SRC holders will get a chance to go on a grocery shopping bonanza with the “Super8 Anniversary Pa-Grocery Hakot Promo.” Some very lucky winners will take home Php8,000 worth of grocery items plus a brand-new refrigerator and LED TV! If the Php2,000 bloggers hakot activity is already exciting, how much more the real thing? OMG!!

Pa-grocery hakot is Super8 Super BlowoutFinally, the much-awaited 5-Day Sale, with exciting Buy 1 Get 1 products, will run from August 11-15, 2017. Not only that but SRC membership will be available at 50% off during this period!

5 day sale is a Super8 Super blowout treatAnd as an added Super8 Super Blowout treat, users of the Super8 Mobile App will get access to exclusive 8-Peso items. Made me curious what those items are. Check them out by downloading the App, available on both Apple Store and Google Play, to take advantage of these added rewards!

Super8 Super Blowout is the P8 dealsCustomers can definitely look forward to with all these Super8 super blowout surprises! And for the grocery warehouse chain that made this happen, the future looks super. Now I can experience what other customers have been having because with Super 8 Grocery Warehouse Discounted na! Discounted pa! Keep tab of other exciting happenings, follow them on Facebook

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