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PBB 4 Winner Myrtle Sarrosa — New Endorser of Lolita Colognes


Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) introduced Lolita Colognes and new endorser Myrtle Sarrosa to the media last Thursday night, September 20th. The venue, the 55 Events Place in Quezon City, had a total makeover and became very girly with its pink motif, balloons, ribbons and walls. It’s a fitting atmosphere for a fragrance targeting the young girls of this generation. More fitting with the presence of cosplayer and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition winner Myrle. After a hot dance number and a fashion show, Myrtle was finally revealed. The ball started rolling as the teen star started talking about Lolita Colognes. Lolita is all about standing out and that’s what she is all about, especially when donning her cosplay costumes. The fragrances are available in 6 variants for every girl to choose from — Cali, Cospink, Fantasy, Chick, Fairy, and Rouge. There’s definitely a scent that will fit every girl ...

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Daniel Matsunaga Leads SM City Fairview Fashion Show Lookbook

Just Delivered Jeans portion at the SM City Fairview Lookbook

SM City Fairview shoppers had a peek of the latest fashion trends from local and foreign labels at the recently concluded fashion show dubbed “Lookbook” led by Brapanese model and actor, Daniel Matsunaga. Wilma Doesnt opened the runway in a black evening gown. Then the number was followed by models in an upbeat vibe wearing clothes and accessories by Celine (CLN), Charlie, Elle Girl, Folded & Hung, Mags, Oxygen, Penshoppe, Plains and Prints, Regatta, Sanuk, Scoop Project, Sketchers, Tomato, Una Rosa, SM Accessories, SM Men’s Fashion – Just Delivered Jeans. The models all look cool in their fashionable clothes. It was good that they walked down the runway stairs closer to the audience as people were able to check out the clothes much closer. The audience screamed when Daniel Matsunaga sashayed down the runway for SM Men’s Fashion – Just Delivered Jeans. But things became really hot and wild when ...

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My Christmas Wishlist on Reebonz Ribbons

It’s been sometime since I last bought something for myself. The last purchase I made was a Fossil watch sold by a colleague in December 2008 which served as a birthday and Christmas gift for myself. When I quit my job to focus on my business, my spending habits has changed. I stopped buying myself stuff for practical reasons, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting things. Last month I received a gift from a local brand — a reward for blogging on time. It was a nice watch that rekindled my romance with watches. I have a small collection with each one having a story behind them. Some I still wear, while others gave up on me because I forgot to replace the batteries. This Christmas I have no intentions of buying stuff of such kind for myself — not that I don’t want them. I just don’t feel ...

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Iron Your Fashion – Philips Launches Iron GC2900

Philips PowerLife GC2900 Fashion Show - Female

Ironing clothes is the most challenging household chore for me. I can cook, wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the house. But I can never iron clothes that well, especially those long-sleeved shirts. After working my way through the entire clothes, i end up doing it again when I still see the creases as I hung them to my closet. I thought I’ve given things up until I attended an event where appliance manufacturer Philips launched the PowerLife Iron GC2900. I was at the The Establishment to attend the launch Thursday night, October 20th. To be honest, I couldn’t comprehend why Philips had to bring a household product at a posh night spot just to say that they have a new iron in the market. As the program rolled out, we were treated to a mini-fashion show where models sashayed with beautiful creations by the Fashion Institute of the ...

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Authentic Original Top-Sider Sperry in the Philippines

Sperrys Top Siders

As the month of August ends and September begins, I noticed malls going on sale. I haven’t been shopping lately, and I realized I needed some fix. I was at the Eastwood Mall and I chanced upon a store with a large poster display of a top-sider. You see, I have such a love affair with shoes that I can’t help but check it out — there’s lots of them inside the store and I can’t help but drool. The top-sider shoes are Sperry — an American brand — the original boat shoes, and they’re now in the Philippines via Complex Lifestyle Store. I love top-siders because it’s easy to wear and is perfect for a casual look. I even have a pair in patent cobalt blue, but I didn’t know it was originally created by Paul Sperry in 1935. I’ve seen it in too many different brands that I ...

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