Students Participating in Goldilocks’ Cake Battle are Real Winners

Goldilocks' Artful Cake Battle

ICDC 2019 Cake BattleThe Goldilocks’ Cake Battle has ended and the winners announced. But I’d say that the students who participated in the inter-collegiate cake decorating competition are the real winners. After all, they get trained for the competition and gain experience that they can apply to work when they graduate and enter the real world.

This year, a total of ten teams split into two categories – Novice and Advanced – all vying for the title of champion cake decorators. The winners of the competition would also get P250,000.00 worth of baking showcase plus P20,000.00 worth of Goldilocks Gift Certificates for the Advance Category and P100,000.00 worth of baking showcase plus P10,000.00 worth of Goldilocks Gift Certificates for Novice category as prizes for the competition.

This year’s theme for ICDC 2019 is “Dance” marterpiece for Novice category, while “Musical”, “ Wedding” and Over All for Advance category. Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna emerged as Novice Category Champions, the team from Western Institute of Technology – Iloilo won the Advanced Category – Musical Masterpiece and Holy Cross of Davao College got the win for the Advanced Category – Wedding Masterpiece.

Congratulations are in order to the students of Western Institute of Technology – Iloilo who were declared Advanced Category Overall Champions.

ICDC 2019 Cake Battle officially opens“Goldilocks really values the young talent we get to see every year we have our Cake Battle,” says Goldilocks Marketing Director, Cherry Caluya. “For this year’s Cake Battle, we wanted to focus on the creativity and talent of young Filipinos when they create beautiful masterpieces. We believe that cake decorating puts the art of baking to the next level, and the talent we have as Filipinos is endless.”

As the country’s number one bakeshop, Goldilocks has been hosting their inter-collegiate cake decorating competition for over a decade now. Together with Gourdo’s and Avoset, Goldilocks was able to set the stage for the Goldilocks Cake Battle 2019 as they provided the materials and ingredients for each team to use in the competition. Many teams from Culinary schools, universities and college all over the Philippines show off their skill in decorating cakes, ranging from elegant to out of this world. With so much talent participating this year, the competition was definitely fierce.

Goldilocks ICDC 2019

Goldilocks Celebrity Endorser Liza Soberano graced the event
Goldilocks Celebrity Endorser Liza Soberano graced the event

Over 100 Culinary and Hospitality Management schools sent teams to compete in this year’s Cake Battle, that began early this year. Only ten teams were chosen to compete in two categories, split between their cake battle experience. Teams from Bulacan State University – San Jose Del Monte, Gabriel Taborin College of Davao Foundation, Inc., Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna, University of Cebu, and the Western Institute of Technology competed in finals for the Novice Category. Bulacan State University – Malolos, Holy Cross of Davao College, Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna, St. Anne College of Lucena, and the Western Institute of Technology made up the teams who competed in the Advanced Category finals.

The finalists and audience of this year’s Goldilocks’ Cake Battle finals had the chance to rub elbows with and meet Goldilocks’ celebrity endorser, Liza Soberano. The country’s top cake decorators, Heny Sison, Jackie Ang Po, and Penk Ching, all had a hard time judging the competition because of the high-level skill and artistry displayed during the competition, but ultimately Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna and Western Institute of Technology bagged the championship.

Looking at the creativity the participants showcased during the competition will make you admire the skills that they have put up in the competition. And this is a good thing because such activities hone their skills, talent, and the ability to work in a team which is what they will face in the real world once they start working. In the end, even those who were not included in the finals gained something from this event. And that in itself makes all of them a winner in the Goldilocks’ Cake Battle 2019.

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