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Spyder Assist™ Program — a Timely Protection for Motorycle Riders

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Spyder Assist Personal Accident Policy

In the Philippines, motorcycle is slowly gaining popularity as an alternative mode of transportation for men and women alike. With traffic jams and the ever-increasing cost of fuel, it seems a practical solution for the people on the go. Motorcycle companies and dealers has caught on this trend by offering motorcycles at affordable terms. But along with its popularity are reports of road accidents. An insurance program called Spyder Assist comes at a very timely manner.

SPYDER CHARGE YOUR SUMMERI was at the Festival Mall about a week back to attend the Spyder-Charge Your Summer 2012 mall event. It was a week-long event where Spyder showcased their line of quality multi-sport products from helmets, shades, eye wear, accessories and other protective gears. I realized I didn’t know much about this brand, thinking it was all about shades. I was dead wrong. Of course their eye wear product line was all in display, making me drool as much. I was also drawn to their watches.

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There were also bicycles and motorcycles on display. Naturally, handsome Spyder helmets were also there. How i wish I can ride a bike. I can’t so i can only look on with envy.  But what I heard during the event sure did make me happy. Not for me, but for motorcycle riders, that is. In partnership with Standard insurance, the company is offering the Spyder Assist™ Program. It’s a Personal Life insurance that covers loss of life or disablement of up to P100,000. That’s extra protection for the riders for an affordable Php150.00.

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The insurance also includes medical reimbursement of up to Php 5,000 for accident related injuries, including moto-related accidents and crash replacement policy for damaged helmets during major accidents resulting in damage to the helmets. These are benefits offered through Spyder Assist™ are available with every purchase of any Spyder motorcycle helmet, and are subject to terms and conditions set in the policy.

Spyder Assist Personal Accident PolicyThe Spyder Assist™ Card may be purchased from authorized dealers and can only be purchased along with the purchase of any Spyder motorcycle helmet. To register the coverage, the scratch code on the Spyder Assist™ card must be logged on to www.teamspyder.com/spyderassist. A copy of the policy will be sent via email. This is a timely protection for motorcycle riders, and a very innovative offering by Spyder, just as how innovative their products are.

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