A Badminton Affair – the RSL Diamond X7 Series Launch

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I recently got invited to a sports event, a badminton affair for that matter, as Toby’s Sports presents one of the latest products they carry – the RSL Diamond X7 Series. I’m no badminton player, at least not yet. But I did play the game when I was still a kid as part of my playtime. I also remembered joining my former colleagues ones, but that was back in 2005. As I shared with a blogger friend, I’m not really into such sport where I have to run after and hit a ball, in this case, a shuttlecock. But it would be interesting to know the latest from this sport which has been a craze in the Philippines, especially for those adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

RSL Badminton Diamond X7 Product Launch

We were a handful of bloggers billeted to Powerplay Badminton Center in Quezon City one rainy October evening. We arrived to a bunch of badminton players already at the heat of their games. Then everyone convened at the center of the sprawling badminton center to listen to Mr. Duncan Chau, D.H. Shuttlecock‘s Business Development Manager.

Mr. Duncan Chao - RSL Buiness Development Manager at the RSL Badminton at the Diamond X7 Product Launch

We were introduced to RSL’s shuttlecock production at the D.H. Group’s China factory. Watch the video and get entertained and informed:

Then came the star of the show, the RSL Badminton Diamond X7. Simply put, this badminton racket will grow with you. If you’re serious about badminton or even if you’re a professional athlete, this product is for you. It comes equipped with different accessories that you can attach to the head or the handle or both, depending on your level of skill. I’m sure every badminton player can relate to this, I can’t. Although when I got to hold some of the RSL badminton rackets at the venue, I was so amazed how light they are – featherlight to be exact. I’m sure some would want something heavier and that can happen with an RSL Diamond Racket.

Established in England since 1928, RSL is a professional badminton equipment provider, specializing in shuttlecocks and badminton rackets. RSL Shuttles manufactures the world’s finest shuttlecocks. They have also diversified their products to include bags and apparels. These products are available at all Toby’s Sports. Checking out Toby’s Sports online shop, RSL rackets are pricey for possible enthusiasts like me. But those serious about their game, especially the professionals will find RSL Badminton Diamond X7 an investment. The players and the media who were present at the launch were lucky to have won some really nice RSL products during the raffle, including me. 🙂

RSL Diamond X7 Launch | Images courtesy of Toby's Sports
D.H. Shuttlecock Business Development Manager Duncan Chau at the RSL Diamond X7 Launch and other event activities

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