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If you’re like me, I spend over a thousand pesos on skin care products. Nope, I’m no vain person, I just learned the importance of taking care of my skin at an early age. Growing up with women around me, I saw how my mom and aunts did their best to care for their skin. So when I was in my teens, they would always remind me to avoid oily foods and chocolates to avoid worsening those pimple breakouts which is normal for growing kids. I was also reminded to wash my face before I go to sleep. I remember one of my classmates in high school who had a lot of acne; everyone would tease him as “moon face” and we would all laugh.

As years passed me by, the regular facial regimen was lost in the middle of the busy schedules and all. At one point I became worried because I would have pimples and at times it won’t quickly dissappear. Breakouts would get infected and turn into scar, or worse, keloid. That’s when I started to get serious in taking care of my skin. I do go to derma clinics from time to time to get help in cleaning my skin. Recently, a blogger friend complained about a recent experience from a clinic where she had facial service done. She shared that her pimples started after the procedure. That’s quite concerning because these services are supposed to help us get clearer skin, plus of course, these services are not cheap. That reminded me of Proactive Solutions.

I have been blogging about this skin care product from the US and shared how effective it is. Fortunately, Proactiv can now be enjoyed in the Philippines and have several kiosks all over the metro. In fact, more Filipinos raved about it. That prompted me to check out their website to know more about the latest. I was surprised that they have a promo running until December 31st! Proactiv Solutions Upgrade Promo

Exclusive to customers in the Philippines only, one can purchase a Proactiv 30-day kit and buy a Proactiv Extension at 50% discount. A purchase of Proactiv 60-day kit entitles the customer to upgrade the kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 60% discount. To note:

Proactiv 50-percent Promo Proactiv 60-percent Promo

Check out their products for more details. A Customer must go to the website: and register to have an online account with Proactiv to be able to make a purchase and avail the discount. Payment can be made via credit card or COD. All purchases of upgraded kits are delivered without any delivery charges. Isn’t this cool? You get savings on the skin care products you purchase, you also save time from transportation and shipping! Huge savings!

I’m an avid online shopper and I explored Proactiv’s online shop. Everything is pretty straight forward, so making a transaction is quite easy. 

Proactiv 30-Day Kit Option Proactiv 60-day Kit Option

After choosing the kit to purchase and the preferred upgrade, a screen is presented with the discounted price of the add-on, and the total package price of the upgraded kit.


Proactiv Online Store Prompts

I was then given the option to add this to the cart system and finish the order.

Proactiv Online Shop Shopping Cart

All I have to do now is to wait for my order to be delivered right at my doorsteps. Now, that’s worry-free shopping! I just love how Proactiv Solutions made a proactive solution to our shopping woes through their online facility. And to add to their customers’ peace of mind, all their products come with a guarantee. Even if I had to spend over a thousand pesos on these skin care products, it’s all worth it!


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  1. I’m a proactiv user. 😉 spent so much for skin care too before, it’s not fun to have a pimple prone skin like me. ;( it’s too costly! Good thing it’s manageable now..

  2. I only heard about this product when I saw their ads with big-name celebrities like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Have you tried this system personally? Is it worth the price?

    1. It’s worth the price. I was skeptical at first, but because their product comes with a guarantee, I gave it a shot and was surprised of it’s efficacy

  3. I have heard a lot of raves about Proactiv. Back when this was released, I was in college and my face just looked awful because of breakouts caused my stress. I hoped to use Proactiv then but I can’t ‘coz it’s only available thru the Home TV Shopping. I rarely have pimples now, but I am sure lots of students are having problems with pimples due to a lot of reason, so I am happy that it’s now available at the drugstores. With prices slashed, that’s more value for money.

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