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A Company Christmas Party in 2007One of the things that I miss when the yuletide season comes along is the Christmas Party at the office.  Haven’t had that since I started freelancing some 7 years ago. I get to attend parties as a blogger, but somehow I still miss office parties and gatherings. I guess having fun with the people I work with is different. Add to that the gifts that I receive, from my bosses, colleagues, office friends and of course, the corporate giveaways.

Well, it’s that time of the year again and the streets are starting to twinkle with Christmas lights and decors. It’s getting colder as well, especially in the evening. I’m already seeing pictures of friends on social media all put together and partying. I’m sure they already received their Christmas bonuses and are looking forward to the holidays.

Having fun at Christmas PartyI don’t know about the Christmas bonus and holidays, I won’t have those. But I do look forward to attending a Christmas party or two. And I’ll be honest, I can’t wait for the corporate giveaways too, haha! Hey, I’m just human and I love gifts.

Some of the gifts that I received in the past years are small kitchen appliances. These are perfect corporate giveaways because they’re very useful and also a great way for the company to give something special. If your company has yet to figure out what gifts or raffle prizes to give, I highly suggest home appliances.

A Microwave Oven I received as a corporate giveawayI remember everyone hoping his/her name to be drawn during raffle when appliances are at stake. Winning one definitely ticks one off the list. I was able to cross out microwave oven, washing machine and rice cooker on my list of things to buy because of such corporate giveaways during Christmas parties where I won in the raffle.

If you’re looking for high quality and affordable items as special corporate giveaways, Midea is the solution for you. The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea understands how demanding it is for the company’s party organizers to look for items that will be something that could excite everyone in the party.

With Media, you can gift items that are not just another home appliance that would sit on counter tops and remain unused. These are some of the most home-friendly solutions which everyone at home would love to use.

Ideal Corporate Giveway - Media Safety KettleFirst up is Midea’s Safety Kettle. It is called as such because it responds to some of the risks of having an electric kettle at home. Most of these electric stove-top kettles could scald and burn when a person touches it, or accidentally pulls the cord off because it is not safely tucked.

Most people could also leave their kettle unattended which leads to dry boiling, letting the kettle heat without water in it. This could lead to electric shock, short circuit, or worse fire. Midea’s Safety Kettle has a Sure-safe Double Wall Technology which keeps the exterior safe to touch while keeping the water warm for a longer period of time. It is also equipped with UK Strix control that ensures dry boiling and overheating protection. The Midea Safety Kettle has a cord storage to avoid instances of accidentally pulling out the plug from the socket. It could boil water two times faster compared to an electric stove top kettle and it is durable with high-quality stainless steel parts.

Ideal Corporate Giveway - Midea Rice CookerWith Midea’s Healthy Rice Cooker, there is no need to worry about overcooked rice. It cooks the perfect rice every time and automatically keeps it warm without burning or overcooking it. Midea’s Rice Cooker modified stainless steel inner cover reduces moisture loss and allows water to flow more evenly to ensure fluffy rice. This makes the rice healthy because it locks in all the nutrients and retains flavor with its air-tight sealed lid. It’s so user-friendly that it only needs a touch of a button to operate it and it’s also safe with its spill-proof steam valve.

Midea Push Button Induction CookerMidea’s Induction Cooker is considered by Chef Rob Pengson as a high technology item that every kitchen needs. It is safe around children with its flameless heating and Auto Safety shut off feature which automatically cools off the cooker. It cooks 40% faster than a conventional electric stove and this Quick Cooking appliance locks in the nutrients in the food for a heathier cooking. It also saves 37% on the electrical consumption compared to other conventional electric stoves.

Ideal Corporate Giveway - Midea Digital Microwave OvenFor the company’s bigger prizes to give away, they could start with Midea’s lineup of Mechanical and Digital Microwave Ovens which are very helpful for people who are always on the go. It can not only cook food in seconds, its quick cooking function retains most of their nutrients. And at the same time, people can get 10% less fat compared to conventional frying. Midea’s microwave ovens are also friendly on electric consumption because it only uses up to Php 1 worth of electricity for 3 minutes of cooking.

Ideal Corporate Giveway - Midea Digital Multi- CookerMidea’s Digital Multi Cooker / Pressure Cooker makes it easy to cook all the toughest ingredients to perfection. With its Thermal Circulation Technology, it ensures the even distribution of heat in the pot which cooks every ingredient evenly. Its very user-friendly 12 pre-programmed functions also cut out the work for everyone in a very busy kitchen. It operates at 7 levels of pressure for quick cooking which lock in all the nutrients in the food for heathier eating. And Midea’s 10-Dimensional Protection System ensures safety during cooking. Plus everyone could enjoy a hot pot of flavorful and tender beef shank soup (bulalo) for just Php 8 of electric consumption.

Midea Top Load Fully Automatic Washing MachineFinally for the jackpot, Midea has the Full Auto Washing Machine that not only washes clothes with just a push of a button, but also consumes just Php 1 worth of electricity for a complete wash, rinse, and dry cycle. It would be very helpful for people with a ton of clothes to wash to attend to without having to worry much about their laundry. This washing machine is very friendly to clothes because of its Water Magic Cube feature that enhances the water flow in the tub allowing it to clean better and have 84% less tangles that stresses the fabric. It also has Smart Sensors that set the right amount of water and right amount of time based on the laundry load, resulting to 37% in saving on water consumption.

These are just some of Midea’s friendly home solutions that companies throwing a Christmas party could have ‘up for grabs’ for their raffle draws. They are not just giving away prizes for their very lucky employees, but they are also providing them some of the most home friendly solutions. These then could help their employees go through another year of everyday life at home and at work, with less burden from the chores and more time for themselves and their families.

Midea Home Appliances are perfect corporate giveaways for your Christmas PartyI hope that I get invited to a Christmas party with Midea home appliances as corporate giveaways or raffle prizes. If there’s one thing that I’d like to bring home, that’s an induction cooker. For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at Midea’s Facebook Page ( has some interesting updates that consumers will definitely like.

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