Chinese New Year 2015 at Solaire Resort and Casino

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Dragon Dance at Solaire Resort and CasinoSolaire Resort and Casino welcomes the Chinese New Year for 2015 with traditional festivities, special packages and treats. Although I’m of Chinese descent, I grew up with my family not observing Chinese traditions. So an opportunity to witness how it’s done is always welcome for me. I thought February 19, 2015 will just be a regular day for me, until the opportunity to visit Solaire to cover their activities for the day came along.

Traditional Chinese Ceremony at Solaire Resort and CasinoCustomers were able to watch the Lion Dance. It’s always fun to watch dancers holding the Dragon and Lion heads performing, making gymnastic moves. The dance started at the main lobby and then roamed the various areas of the resort with the usual music and dance routine. Then the money tree located at the Atrium was lit.The Money Tree at Solaire Resort and Casino

Dragon and Lion Dance parade at Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire Resort and Casino is decked in Chinese New Year ThemeAs we tried to catch up with the Lion Dance, we were able to check out Solaire which was decked in Chinese theme. Although the visit was my second time already, I have yet to check out the other areas of the resort. I have to say, there was much thought in building this establishment. We stopped by Red Lantern restaurant and saw this Koi fish-shaped Tikoy which is a perfect gift for this season.

Celebrate the Year of the Wood Sheep at Solaire Resort and Casino. Aside from good food, there are related activities at the Solaire Box Office lobby such as the Chinese Zodiac Reading on Feb 22, 23, 24, 26, and 28; the geomancy reading sessions on Feb. 21, 23, and 27, from 6:00 to 10:00 PM; skilled contortionists will surely leave you in awe on Feb 26, and 27.

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