Sodexo Mobile Pass for Better Rewarding and Gifting

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[three_fourth]Shop with Sodexo Mobile PassI recently met the marketing team of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines, Inc., and learned about Sodexo Mobile Pass. It’s a solution available to companies and businesses who would like to reward and gift employees and consumers. That’s something new for someone like me who’s used to deal with gift certificates.

Sodexo is known as a gift certificates company in the country. Back when I was still part of the call center industry, I received a lot of Sodexo GCs worth thousands of pesos. The last account I was assigned to uses these GCs as a reward whenever we reach our targets.

I also remember going to Sodexo office myself to buy the gift certificates. It’s the rewards given to the members of my team who reached the targets and some more. Everyone loves receiving Sodexo GCs because it can be used in so many merchants.
Sodexo Premium Pass Gift CertificateNow, Sodexo Philippines is introducing a new solution in Sodexo Mobile Pass. The technology aims to address the pain points of using these gift certificates. I was surprised that some companies refuses to incorporate Sodexo GCs in their rewards and gifting programs. Apparently, distributing the GCs to employees becomes a problem, especially when the organization has more than one office.

Suddenly, I begin to understand. When you’re at the head office and you’re rewarding employees based in the province, then the logistics of handing out the Sodexo Gift Certificate is hampered. I remember back in the days I had to wait for my team to arrive to hand them their GCs. My team’s schedule is spread out to accommodate the 24 hours operation.

Sodexo Mobile Pass SolutionWith the Sodexo Mobile Pass, companies can distribute rewards without the hassle of leaving the office. Employees will immediately receive the rewards on their mobile phones or email anytime of the day, anywhere. Upon receipt, the rewards received through their mobile phones can be redeemed at participating Sodexo merchants all over the country.

Sodexo Mobile Pass MerchantsNow, this solution can be used by businesses not just for their employees but also for consumers. Imagine if you’re a retail company and you’d like to reward consumers or shoppers. The Sodexo Mobile Pass can be integrated into a promotion where rewards can be received upon redemption. This is such a unique solution by Sodexo.

Mobile Pass - SMS

Sodexho Mobile Pass Rewards in SMS Format
Sodexho Mobile Pass Reward in SMS Format

In addition, people don’t need a high-tech phone to receive the rewards. Yes, there’s nothing to worry even if you’re sending rewards to people who are not using smartphones. The rewards can be received as SMS. Although you can also opt to be more sophisticated by sending an email with a PDF attachment. The PDF file can be downloaded and presented to the merchant when paying. Same goes for the SMS.

Mobile Pass - Email

Sodexo Mobile Pass Reward in PDF Format
Sodexo Mobile Pass Reward in PDF Format

The Sodexo Mobile Pass is an innovative solution for rewarding and gifting. It’s a practical one too with the growth of mobile phones in the Philippines. Best of all, it can be enjoyed by the company and its people. It’s more efficient and improves the quality of life. Receiving rewards instantly is also encouraging and that matters a lot when we’re aiming for loyalty, whether they’re employees or consumers.

Sodexo Philippines Marketing Manager Billy John Nacis
“There are more mobile phones than Filipinos in the country today,” shares Sodexo Philippines Marketing Manager Billy John Nacis

It’s good to see that Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines, Inc. is evolving and addressing the changing needs of the organizations in the Philippines. For a 50-year old multinational company with headquarters in Paris, that’s not surprising. With presence in 80 countries where the organization offers more than just voucher services, Sodexo has a wealth of experience in providing innovative Quality of Life services including on-site services, personal and home services, and of course, benefits and rewards services.

Sodexo Philippines Country Marketing Director Ann Saldaña
Sodexo Philippines Country Marketing Director Ann Saldaña discussed the company’s services

Some companies in the Philippines such as Makati Medical Center, Google and BPI are already enjoying Sodexo’s services. For more details about the company and the Sodexo Mobile Pass please contact the Manila Head Office at (02) 689-4780 or Cebu Office at (032) 238-3494. You may also visit their website and official Facebook Page at




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