Sitti Introduces Her New Sound in ElectroSITTI

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Bossa Nova Queen SittiCatch the country’s Bossa Nova Queen Sitti as she introduces her new sound in her upcoming concert, ElectroSITTI. Happening at the Music Museum (1502 in Greenhills, San Juan) on November 25 and 26, the concert is also a celebration of her 10th anniversary in the Philippine music scene. The concert is an ambitious experiment with the electronic dance music (EDM) genre.

We had the chance to listen to Sitti’s new sound at the presscon, and I personally like it. Be ready to witness some dance moves from the bossa nova royalty at her concert. After all, the music says it all, electronic dance. Here’s a glimpse of the new sound.

The singer is collaborating with her friend and EDM master DJ Silverfilter. She hopes to please more younger-generation music fans. Of course, this is also an opportunity to showcase what else the singer can do beyond her usual sound.

Sitti shared, “It’s both exciting and challenging to do something you’re not known for. I became friends with artists from the EDM community and I thought of embracing the genre and tie it up with the 10th anniversary of the release of my first album Café Bossa.”ElecroSITTI

Café Bossa was released in January 2006 and spawned hit singles including “Para Sa Akin” and her versions of “I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love” and “Tattooed On My Mind.” I have to say that she has taken the Philippine music industry by storm with her sound. By September that year the album was certified Double Platinum, with over 60,000 units sold.

ElectoSITTI, which also serves as Sitti’s birthday concert as she turns 32 on November 29, will be a two-part show. The first part is on paying homage to her bossa nova roots, and the latter hour presenting her in a new light – bright and booming. And the loud and festive birthday party begins.Sitti during the presscon of ElectroSITTI

“I’m having fun doing EDM and I am working on a new album that will showcase my experimentation with it. I like to introduce myself to the younger market,” explained Sitti who is very much engaging to everyone at the presscon. Incidentally, Sitti shared that the record label where she is signed up with, MCA Music, asked her to employ electronic music for her new album.

But if you love her bossa nova sound, don’t fret. Sitti shares that she still hopes to retain her original sound and that EDM is just an experimentation. This is not surprising as the singer also dabbled into acting on both stage and TV. She simply is a multi-talented charming woman. She performed in “Katy The Musical” and “Spring Awakening,” and appeared on past ABS-CBN shows “Isabella” and “Your Song.”Sitti shares that EDM is just part of her experimentation

She is managed by Asian Artists Agency and she will soon be having performance in Asia. It’s about time that our neighboring countries get to hear the sound of Sitti, be it bossa nova or EDM. Sitti has come a long way since performing in her first gig at a hotel in Roxas Boulevard that already changed its name today.

Now, fans have something more to feel excited about Sitti. ElectroSITTI will unleash the fun, party side of the bossa nova artist. If her video above is any indication, it’s definitely something worth watching. With her at the concert as guests are rapper Looney and balladeer Jason Dy. The UST Percussion Ensemble will also be on stage to share spotlight with her.For ElectroSITTI Tickets, log on at or call (02) 9260556 / (02) 9202643. Prices are as follows: P3,576 Orchestra Center, P2,384 Orchestra Side, P1,192 Balcony.Sitti on ElectroSITTI

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