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SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery

SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery is Art, History and Technology

Visited Gateway Gallery with fellow bloggers

Checked out SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery with fellow bloggers

I checked out the art exhibit SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery in Araneta Center, Cubao with fellow bloggers early this month. I love art and even tried to do painting myself when I was younger, but this exhibit is more than art. It’s art, history and technology combined to create an awesome experience to visitors.

The exhibit entitled ”SiningLakbay: Philippine History in Augmented Reality,” was launched on February 22nd. The project was a conceived as part of Gateway Gallery’s “SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art” exhibit, already on its second year. Among the 30 large history paintings, visitors will will experience 10 paintings come to life through augmented reality.

A painting depicting our culture before being colonized

A painting depicting our culture before being colonized

Using the Layar App to experience augmented reality

Using the Layar App to experience augmented reality

Watching the audiio-visual presentation embedded in the painting

Watching the audio-visual presentation embedded in the painting

I was personally immersed with SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery. While admiring the paintings, being able to learn more about history in a better way is a great idea. Visitors simply download the free Layar app on their smartphones, launch the app and point it on a particular painting and witness an audio-visual presentation relating to the painting.

I salute Gateway Gallery for such an effort in bringing Philippine History closer to everyone. Let’s admit it, we don’t remember much of our history anymore. And as we become more immersed in technology, I don’t think we’ll ever be making an effort to learn about our past as a nation. The project will help the Filipino people, young and old, become interested in history and art. It also aids in understanding the past better.

A painting about our heroes

SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery is clearly a product of careful and creative implementation. I learned that it was spearheaded by artists, filmmakers, historians, curators, editors, and technology providers. It’s very important that the retelling of the Philippine history is accurate, and I believe the group did a great job in making it happen.

A painting at SiningLakbay at Gateway GalleryThe 30 large history paintings was a result of the collaboration between the University of the Philippines and the Araneta Center. The paintings alone are worth checking out. More so with the implementation of technology. Each video for the paintings with augmented reality runs roughly 3 minutes; that’s about 30 minutes of fun learning. It would be great to see all 30 paintings in the collection AR-enabled. Yep, that’s the plan with SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery!

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SiningLakbay at Gateway Gallery tells the story of our past and presentGateway Gallery opened on November 21, 2014. Its long-term exhibit, “SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art,” opened to the public on Feb. 18, 2015. In over two years of operations, the Gallery has grown its art collection to 50 artworks donated by various artists. Attendance has also risen to an average of 200 visitors a day in the same period. Last year, it received an accreditation from the Department of Tourism.

A painting depicting our not-so-distant pastThe Gallery will continue to expand its horizons this year, providing artists a home to hone and showcase their craft, and giving the Filipino public a haven of learning and creativity. Projects lined up for this year include: the Reading Nook, a mini library for all ages, highlighted by storytelling sessions for kids in partnership with Adarna Publishing; and Bravo Weekend, which showcases Filipino culture through music and dance.

The paintings at SiningLakbay is a collaboration between University of the Philippines and Araneta CenterWith its vision to make arts and culture accessible to ordinary Filipinos, Gateway Gallery will continue programs that introduce arts to young children, holding art workshops for hobbyists, portrait sketching sessions for professional artists, and hosting talks by artists and historians.

Gateway Gallery carries 30 large history paintings I’m glad that there’s an art gallery in Cubao. Supported and managed by the CSR arm of the Araneta Group, the J. Amado Araneta Foundation, Gateway Gallery is located at the 5th level of the Gateway Tower at the Araneta Center. The good news is, the Gallery is free to the public and is open Mondays to Sundays from 103m to 7pm.

Learn about history at SiningLakbay at Gateway GalleryThis means I could visit and experience SiningLakbay at Gateway Mall over and over again. I highly recommend parents to bring their kids here, especially this summer. You don’t even have to worry about downloading the Layar app because there’s free wifi at the Gallery. Make sure to drop by and learn more about Philippine History in a techie way.

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