Safeguard Builds Handwashing Hubs in Public Spaces

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Hygiene kits containing Safeguard products were distributed during the inauguration of the handwashing facilitiesAfter Safeguard Philippines’ successful launch and run of the #SafeWash Movement, the brand continues with its commitment to strengthening the handwashing practice of Filipinos. The brand ensures that the knowledge on proper handwashing is met with work on ensuring there is hand hygiene access for Filipinos. With millions of Filipinos all over the country that still don’t have proper access to handwashing facilities, Safeguard partnered with Manila Water Foundation (MWF) to construct handwashing facilities all over Metro Manila; to add to the list of handwashing facilities they have built throughout the years.

Handwashing facilities are dispersed in public health centers, gymnasiums, markets, and transport terminals all over the metro, specifically in Pasig City, Marikina City, San Juan City, Mandaluyong City, Taguig City, and in the municipality of Pateros.

This is an addition to a 2019 sink construction project done by Procter & Gamble Philippines in Metro Manila that benefitted 50,000 Filipino students. Since the formation of P&G and MWF’s partnership last year, they have built handwashing facilities in 32 public schools nationwide. Through this project, Safeguard Philippines and MWF hope to ensure that as businesses reopen, Filipinos are able to cope and practice a SAFE new normal nationwide.

A handwashing facility built under Safeguard's #WASHinPandemic program in Pasig City
A handwashing facility built under Safeguard’s #WASHinPandemic program in Pasig City

“It is our responsibility to help safeguard the health of every Filipino, particularly through handwashing. As business reopen and as quarantines ease up, we are helping build a SAFER new normal by ensuring that Filipinos have both the knowledge to practice a #SafeWash, and the facilities to be able to do so. With the right resources and the right soap, we aim to help curb improper handwashing in the Philippines”, said Gian Yap, Brand Director of Safeguard Philippines, P&G.

With the millions of Filipinos who participated in the #SafeWashMovement campaign, it has proven to be a success for Safeguard’s mission in mobilizing Filipinos to practice and maintain a safer Philippines. Yet, this is just the beginning of a greater mission for Safeguard, after bearing the success from the movement.

Safeguard’s Continuous Effort in Keeping Filipinos SAFE

For more than 54 years, Safeguard has been consistent with their support by providing significant change to the health and safety of the Philippines.

Safeguard has also partnered with SM Supermalls, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, and WalterMart to provide soap in malls nationwide. To provide safer transactions for day-to-day deliveries, Safeguard also locked in a partnership with Shopee by equipping 6,000 riders of the Shopee Express fleet with Safeguard hand sanitizers to keep deliveries safe. Even when running water and soap are not available, riders can still effectively practice proper hygiene through disinfection of their hands and parcels.

Another handwashing facility installed in Marikina City under the WASH in Pandemic program
Another handwashing facility installed in Marikina City under the WASH in Pandemic program

Safeguard’s mission in providing Filipinos proper hand hygiene education and access to handwashing facilities continues beyond the #SafeWash Movement. Through Safeguard’s power to eliminate 99.9% of germs, and Filipinos’ active participation in #SafeWash handwashing practices, we are one handwash away for a #SAFEPhilippines.

Find out more about Safeguard’s SAFE Philippines mission by sending an inquiry on Safeguard’s Facebook page:

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