The Stallion is Back – Rogin-E is Back with Gerald Anderson

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You may have seen Gerald Anderson and other celebrity influencers posting photos of stallions on their social media accounts last week.  Some of their followers have guessed it right – Rogin-E returns with the iconic stallion from its classic 1990s ad! Since the said ad was aired in the 1990s,

Rogin-E is back with Gerald AndersonThe stallion has become a prevailing symbol for this multivitamin brand, which perfectly manifests its ability to help boost the stamina of the men who take it, along with proper diet and exercise. During these unusual and trying times, men need stamina more than ever. And so, more than 25 years later, the Rogin-E stallion is back, with its newest endorser, actor Gerald Anderson.

Gerald Anderson is relentless. This description is fitting for a man who has not wavered in all aspects of his life: as a showbiz personality, as a businessman, as an athlete, and even as an individual whose personal life is constantly under watchful eyes.

Available in bottle for Php820 with 36 soft gel capsulesAfter 14 years in the industry, Gerald Anderson is now the winner of more than 10 prestigious acting awards, is a semi-professional basketball player, a gym co-owner, and is currently a reservist for the Philippine Army. Named the “Action Drama Prince,” Gerald has starred in many acclaimed action movies such as On The Job, as well as the TV show A Soldier’s Heart, where his physical strength and mental endurance were put to the test.

His endurance in front and away from the camera, his proven physical prowess, his masterful handling of intrigues and controversies and his relentless spirit in conquering challenges, beyond his comfort zone are what prompted Rogin-E to choose him as their newest endorser.

Rogin-E is endorsed by Gerald AndersonGerald was officially introduced on March 5 as the new Rogin-E man through an online event. Members of the media and loyal Gerald Anderson fans attended the exclusive event, where guests got to participate in stamina- building exercises, a sampling of Rogin-E, interactive games, and a chance to interview Gerald Anderson himself.

Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Royal Jelly + Korean Panax Ginseng, the generic name of Rogin-E, is a product of Bayer Consumer Health, is a multivitamin specially formulated for men. Created for the relentless man who pushes himself despite the challenges that he faces, Rogin-E contains Korean Panax Ginseng and Vitamin E that help boost stamina with proper diet and exercise. Rogin-E specifically addresses boosting the stamina and restoring youthful vitality for men, allowing them to be strong, powerful and driven to do tasks inside and outside their home, when coupled with proper diet and exercise.

Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Royal Jelly + Korean Panax Ginseng is the generic name of Rogin-EWhen they are pushed to their limit, men feel that their stamina runs out and that they’ve lost the natural energy they once had in their younger years. They need a new surge of stamina to keep going. Based on a study conducted by IQVIA Customer Health in 2019, 9 out of 10 men have expressed satisfaction for Rogin-E, stating that the multivitamin has allowed them to perform their roles and responsibilities in their homes and beyond, with proper diet and exercise.

Men who have taken Rogin-E alongside a proper diet and exercise regimen claim that it has helped their physical, emotional, mental, sexual and social well-being. Like Gerald Anderson, these men show no signs of stopping and are in constant pursuit to stay above whatever hurdles they face in life.

Gerald is driven, active, and has the stamina to keep going, making him relentless in facing the challenges that he constantly deals withCarmel David, Marketing Manager of Rogin-E shares why Gerald Anderson was chosen as the newest Rogin-E endorser: “Gerald Anderson embodies the Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Royal Jelly + Korean Panax Ginseng (Rogin-E) man. He is driven, active, and has the stamina to keep going, making him relentless in facing the challenges that he constantly deals with.” Rogin-E hopes that its partnership with Gerald Anderson will inspire more men to regain and rebuild their stamina. These times may be tough, but Rogin-E believes that Filipino men are strong, relentless, and ready to face whatever life throws at them.

Rogin-E Promo PackRogin-E is available in leading drugstores (Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, Rose Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drug, HB1 Pharmacy, and NCCC) nationwide. It is also available in their online stores, as well as The Goodwill Market, Healthmart, and PharmEZ . Rogin-E is available in packs of 12 capsules (Php 270), a bottle of 36 capsules (Php804) and one-week pack where you can buy 6 capsules and get 1 free (Php160.50).

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