Reyal Litson Manok Made Dining Moments Even Sweeter

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Reyal Litson Manok is deliciousThere are moments when you discover new things that make life better. Over the weekend, I discover Reyal Litson Manok which actually made our dining moments sweeter. It’s one of those rare moments when we gather at the dining table to eat and savor the goodness of our meal.

I’m not saying this because we received 4 pieces of the Litson Manok (Roasted Chicken). We enjoyed it to the point that it was on our dining table for 4 consecutive meals. We never got tired of eating it for lunch and dinner.

Packs of Reyal Litson Manok“Not another Litson Manok,” I heard my voice in my mind when I saw the treats sitting atop our table. We’ve had our share of this chicken dish time and again. Don’t get me wrong. I love roasted chicken.

However, we had our share of not-so-good dining experience. There was a time when we had to dip the chicken in so many sauces. At one point, we had to cook it again.

And if you’re just like our family, there would be some left overs. There’s this one brand that the “litson manok” is no longer palatable the next day. It looks like it disintegrated that we ended up feeding our pets with it.

Reyal Litson Manok made me eat lots of rice
More rice please!

We had a totally different experience with Reyal Litson Manok. The moment I took a bite on my piece, I immediately noticed how tender and juicy it was. Then came the explosion of flavors. The sauce that came with it is totally different from the usual ‘lechon sauce or toyomansi’.

There’s a combination of sweet honey sauce, chili oil, and fried garlic bits, “Hanep na Sauce” indeed. This made the dish even beautiful to the taste. I don’t think I have ever tasted a “Litson Manok” with different levels of flavors. Definitely, a brand new way of enjoying your favorite roasted chicken meal.Saucy Reyal Litson Manok

Reyal Litson Manok Php150 SRPI learned that Reyal’s Litson Manok is charcoal-roasted butterfly-cut chicken. No wonder the chickens are evenly cooked. I gross out when the blood is still visible on chicken meat and that happens when cooked in a rotisserie or similar contraption. I’m not afraid of blood, I just think it’s not cooked well when I see them on food, particularly on a chicken dish.

In my opinion, the latest chicken sensation in the market has finally arrived. Reyal’s Litson Manok is a product of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. The brand name is a play on the name of Col. Pedro Real who discovered the Tumaga River in Zamboanga, one of the original places that developed the ‘litson manok’ style of cooking.

Reyal Litson Manok opened six new stores in Commonwealth, Santa Rosa, Calamba, Los Bańos, and Dasmarińas last June 30. It offered an P88 promo for a whole butterfly-cut chicken on opening day (Regular price is at P150). I know, you missed it. I did.

Reyal Pork BarbecueBut fret not, you’re in for another treat. Reyal is also selling Buy 1 Take 1 for their Pork Barbecue at Php17! This is their promo all throughout, not just on the opening day. I’d like to taste those barbecues too!

As of today, Reyal Litson Manok has 31 outlets nationwide and is continuously expanding.. The outlets are located in Davao, CDO, Southern Tagalog, General Santos, Ormoc, Calbayog, and of course, Metro Manila.

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