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Rewarding Rewards

With prices of everything going up these days, I’m sure we’re all looking for ways to save and stretch our money to the last centavos. Now I realize I have to get my own SM Advantage Card to earn points. Quite frankly, I didn’t really bother to own one until only recently.

I’ve had my SM Advantage Card way back in 2004, but I never got to use it. I rarely shop at SM because the items are either too common or not meeting my needs. But when the grocery store opened in our area, things changed. Still, I didn’t bother getting my Advantage card despite being asked several times by the cashier if I would want to get one. I will. Soon.

Today, I got an SMS from Globe informing me that the points earned via myRewards myGlobe program in 2010 can be claimed until April 17th. I was not aware that a deadline was already set, because the text said it was actually extended. I’m not even aware that it expires. But I guess that’s their way of saying use your rewards so you’ll be obliged to load more to get more points! 🙂

I love Globe Rewards. I’ve used some of my points and felt that it was all worth it. I also learned that the points I earn on SM Advantage Card can be transferred to my Globe Rewards points. Nice touch! Now, more than ever, these loyalty points are making a good sense for me. I remember back in the mid-90s when such a points rewards system was made available but didn’t click so much. I guess people today has more disposable income than several years back.

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More businesses should introduce their own loyalty programs that meet their client’s needs. Credit card company’s rewards system is a joke. You have to spend a lot to earn points that leads to nothing. Most of the items in their catalogues are almost impossible to claim because of the point requirements. Smart also has their own rewards system, but as a postpaid subscriber, I only get to deduct P50 from my bill for an equivalent of thousands of points. That’s crazy!

So far it’s only Globe that’s able to meet my needs with their rewards system. I’m not aiming for those high-ticket items. I’m happy with being subscribed to UnliTxt80 — yes, that’s what I redeemed from my earned points today. Instead of offering expensive items up for grabs, rewards should be practical. Only then can rewards be rewarding.

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