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A Frozen C2 Green Tea bottle cools me down on a hot day

Refreshing C2 Green Tea in its New Refreshing Look

C2 Green Tea new lookMy favorite C2 Green Tea now sports a new refreshing and exciting look just in time for summer. It’s the same refreshing ready-to-drink tea introduced in 2004. And the same unique brewing process is still in place where it’s brewed and bottled on the same day. This ensures a fresh and authentic drinking experience.

URC is a game-changer in the local beverage industry when C2 Cool and Clean was launched. This led to other beverage companies offering similar drinks in the Philippine market. Suddenly, the beverage industry became filled with ready-to-drink bottled tea. But I still find myself going back to C2 with its refreshing flavors, particularly my favorite, the Apple Green Tea flavor.

And more than just refreshment for the hot days, C2 is packed with all the benefits that green tea, or camellia sinensis has to offer. Made from 100% natural green tea leaves, C2 promises a real and authentic tea experience.

C2 Green Tea drinksAnd I learned that this product is also available in other parts of the world. URC did a great job. Everyone can also take their refreshing C2 experience further with other flavors such as Classic Green Tea, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Dalandan, Green Tea Melon and Red Tea Raspberry. C2 is available in 230ml, 355ml, 500ml and 1 Liter to cater to whatever occasion.

Bottles of C2 Apple Green Tea in the freezerThis summer, I make my C2 drink even more refreshing by putting bottles into the freezer overnight. The frozen bottle is perfect to cool me down by touching my face with it. Then I’m further refreshed by drinking it. I love the feeling especially when the weather is scorching hot.

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A Frozen C2 Green Tea bottle cools me down on a hot daySo get ready to #C2Refresh and experience a revitalizing and thirst-quenching moment with the new and refreshing look of C2 Green Tea. Follow #C2Refresh on Facebook (www.facebook.com/C2CoolandClean) and Instagram (@C2CoolandClean) for more updates and conversation about the brand.

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