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Cute and Lovable Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots – A Movie Review

Puss In Boots at the IMAXYesterday, I had the chance to be invited at the red carpet premiere of DreamWorks’ latest animation flick Puss In Boots at the IMAX Theatre of SM City North Edsa. I was so excited but was not expecting anything more than a regular screening. I had a chance to watch Real Steel at the same venue, but it was not in 3D. This time it’s different! The 3D glasses were handed to us as we enter the cinema. Oh boy was I thrilled!

The story is actually set prior to Puss in Boots meeting Shrek and Donkey. This was the time when he is full of good moral character who protected the innocent — a hero. This is not the story I grew up with, having remembered the fairy tale story I read in my childhood. I would have wanted to see how the original story was portrayed on screen. But then, it could have been boring. This Puss in Boots is totally not boring — he is exciting, cute and lovable. And he can dance to steal your heart away.

Cute and Lovable Puss in BootsConsidered a criminal, this notorious lover and fighter’s adventures kicked in when he decided to go back to his hometown where he met his former best pal Humpty Dumpty and smart but sneaky Kitty Softpaws. The excitement grew as Puss with his new allies ventured into a mission that will prove his innocence and regain his hometown hero status — or so he thought. A story of friendship, greed, sacrifices and love — Puss In Boots should not be missed. The characterization given are very evident on the animation. They really help draw you in to the story. Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis voicing Puss, Kitty Softpaws and Humpty Dumpty, respectively, made it more believable. I love it!

Puss in Boots made a special appearance at the premiereI highly recommend that you watch it on 3D, especially on IMAX Theatre where you’ll enjoy the widest screen. While watching the movie, there were scenes when I have to get a hold of myself. I felt like a kid wanting to reach out and grab Puss. I also grasped for breath when they reached the clouds. I also love the fact that one can get to hang out at the lobby while waiting for the screening starts. It really gives that certain level of exclusivity that you cannot find in other cinemas. Puss in Boots stars I am thankful for SM Cinema for the invite.

Distributed by United International Pictures and Solar Entertainment, Puss in Boots will be shown starting October 28th. For utmost convenience, get your tickets from SM Cinema’s CINEMOBILE where you can have them delivered to your mobile phone. Visit www.smcinema.com.
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