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Pismo Digital Lifestyle

Pismo Digital Lifestyle Will Satisfy Your Tech Cravings

Pismo Digital LifestyleAre you the type who wants to be in the know of the latest computers, laptops, mobile phones and gadgets that hit town? Can’t leave home without your mobile phone? Do you require a big bag because you carry your laptop or tablet with you along with those chargers and cables almost everyday? I answer a loud “YES” to all the questions. I live a digital lifestyle simply because my work and hobby revolves around the Internet and I need to be connected all the time. For people like me, a visit to Pismo Digital Lifestyle store at Shangri-La Plaza gave me a digital fix because of my tech cravings.


Located at the mall’s East Wing at the 6th level, Pismo sells everything that I want – mobile phones, tablets, headphones and entertainment systems, laptop bags and cases, cameras, toys and much, much more! I literally drooled at the sight of the entire place. And who wouldn’t?


And as I go through all their items, I wished I have all the money in the world to buy them all. Pismo Digital Lifestyle is definitely a hub for every form of gadgetries that one can think of. And the products on display are not the common stuff that I’ve seen in other shops.


The store is really huge that customers won’t bump against each other. What I also love is that shoppers can touch and play with the gadgets without the staff bugging you or following you around. But they are there to attend to you and respond to all your queries. They even demoed the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 to us. This puts the customer experience a notch higher. Check out the video below:

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Pismo Digital Lifestyle will satisfy your tech cravings and once you see the products they carry, you’ll crave for more. Make sure to connect on Facebook and Twitter for updates on events that the shop sponsors from time to time.



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