Philips Hue Lights Up Your Home in a Smart Way

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Philips Hue Starter KitPhilips Hue are now officially available in the Philippines to make your home smart. I attended the launch of this personal lighting system by Signify which made me realize I want this in my house. I’ve read about smart homes and didn’t really think much about it. Well, not until after I realized how cool it is having smart lights.

Philips Hue allows people to control their lights in their home or from anywhere in the world using a smart device. I never thought technology could make this happen. Filipinos can now experience light in a whole new way through intuitive technologies combined with high-quality LED lighting.

With the Philips Hue White and Color Bulb, you can choose from a spectrum of more than 16 million colors and personalize your home lighting experience with custom settings and program timers. That means you create the perfect ambiance at home with your scenes and routines-all throughout your day. Here are just a few ways how:

Kickstart your day. Philips Hue lights can serve as your gentle wake-up call in the morning by automatically increasing brightness to ease you into the day.

Command at your fingertips. Don’t worry about leaving your lights turned on. You can control your Philips Hue lights from anywhere, just with the app.

Visit the Rimadesio Showroom to experience Philips Hue at work
Visit the Rimadesio Showroom to experience Philips Hue at work

Let your lights welcome you home. Set your lights to welcome you home after a long day out by enabling the geofencing feature on the Philips Hue app. You can also set the right mood with light scenes like a Tropical Twilight or Tokyo Lights or add a customized scene to your liking.

Sit back and chill. Set up a truly immersive entertainment experience by syncing your lights with music, videos, and games with Philips Hue. You can also easily communicate through voice commands with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and Apple HomeKit, and even synchronize the smart lights with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Set to snooze. Tell your go-to smart assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, “Good night,” and your lights will automatically dim to prepare you for a comfortable sleep.

A box of Philips Hue bulbsThe Philips Hue system can do all of these and more. You can have an initial setup with the Hue Starter Kit which includes three Hue White and Color Ambiance bulbs and a bridge. The bridge, which connects to your router, allows you to add up to 50 Philips Hue light bulbs, and up to 12 switches and other accessories through the Philips Hue app.

And these smart light system keeps getting better. There’s the new Philips Hue range which also features dual Bluetooth connectivity and Zigbee technology for an expanded smart lighting experience. With the Bluetooth enabled bulb, you can get started with just one Philips Hue bulb and enjoy this awesome technology just like I did.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Single Bulb A60Signify gave us a Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulb which I screwed on to an old lamp. After downloading the Philips Hue app, I followed the prompt to get everything setup. I fell in love with it. Get Philips Hue in select PowerMac, Abenson, Nifty, Electroworld, and iStore outlets or purchase online via Lazada.

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