Goal: Healthier in 2013

Healthy 2013By now, either some or all of you are breezing through New Year’s resolution with ease or struggling to get started. I personally don’t have a list, but I do have goals for 2013. One of them is being healthier in 2013.

I was sick during the last week of December 2012, immediately after Christmas Day. There I was, on my bed, chilling, having a hard time getting up just to get myself a glass of water. Although things became better towards the latter part of the week, I was still not feeling well that I missed one important engagement. I hate it!

General CleaningI hate being sick. I hate missing out on opportunities. Thus my goal for 2013 is to be healthier. Sure there are vitamins, fruits, veggies and exercise that will help me achieve that physically. But aside from that, I want to have a clean environment to ensure a healthier me in 2013. Every year, my first few weeks, at least a big part of it, are spent in my general cleaning ritual – sweeping and mopping the floor entirely, scrubbing the walls, dusting off the drawers in my closet.

Cleaning is not the most fun thing to do at home, especially when you’re alone like me. But I have to man up. To make things easier, I buy stuff that will make cleaning easier. I actually have a vacuum cleaner, mops, brushes and all that jazz. I also buy cleaning solutions that are strong enough to remove the toughest dirt.

Then I remembered the small pack of sample products I received middle of November. One is Hygine 24 Hand Shield 60ml and the other is the Hygiene Pro Surface Shield. The former is basically a hand sanitizer, while the other is a solution for home and the office.Hygiene Science Products - Hygiene Pro and Hygiene 24 Hand Shield

Hygiene Pro promises to keep killing bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, fungi and protozoa for weeks or even months with only one application. Simply wipe over or spray on surface, dry and it’ll do all the work for you.It has a wide range of uses — gadgets, furniture, personal accessories such as bags and shoes. It can even be used in the kitchen, on carpets, linens, and clothes. Just the thought that the solution can be used on clothes means it doesn’t have a very potent chemical substance, yet it promises to kill bacterias and all that.

Similarly, the Hygiene 24 Hand Shield solution promises protection even after washing your hands. The documentation states that it can protect you for up to 10 hand washing with just one application. Cool, this is not only will help me achieve my healthy goal, it also promises savings as i don’t have to keep spraying the product on my hands.

I’m no expert to be able to provide a solid review on these products. In fact, I haven’t really tested them. Still, it’s good to know that there are products out there, like the ones from Hygiene Science that will help us get the much needed protection to ensure a healthier 2013. To know more about Hygiene Pro and Hygiene 24 Hand Shield solutions, visit the company website at where one can also enroll in an ECourse to learn more about hygiene information and articles. The company is also on Facebook:

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