First Steps with a Canon Camera

As I was reviewing the photos I downloaded from my Multiply personal account, I came across some of my early shots with my first digital camera, my first steps with a Canon Camera.

Back in December 2005, I bought a 2nd hand Canon PowerShot A10 digital camera. Back then, gadgets were quite expensive. I can only drool of having my very own camera. A colleague decided to sell his camera and I immediately grabbed the opportunity, beating my other officemates who are also interested in buying the camera. It was my first point and shoot digital camera which I intend to use for my birthday (December 8), Christmas and New Year Celebration. I wanted to capture the moments with my mother, who, at that time was suffering from cancer. I figured it would be a great opportunity to bond during the celebrations I mentioned.

Little did I know that I won’t be able to capture those moments and that, instead, my new digital camera would be used to take my first steps of recovery as I mourn for my loss. My mom’s passing was unexpected, and though I am grateful that she is resting and healed in the presence of the Father, I still wished that she was with me during those times.Mom's Urn Taken with a Canon PowerShot A10-00 She went to heaven in December 3, 2005 and come Christmas eve, I was all by myself. I was asked by my relatives to join them in the Christmas celebration, but I wasn’t feeling celebratory. I opted to stay home and at the strike of 12 midnight was sobbing. In an attempt to distract myself, I took some shots of my mom’s urn that night. The following days I tried to capture Christmas with my Canon digital camera.Christmas Decor Taken with a Canon PowerShot A10-03The Canon PowerShot A10 became my companion. Eventually, it became a great tool to capture other moments, not only in my life but my relatives as well. In fact, my cousin, who is such a cam-whore, would always borrow it from me. When it gave up on me, I was gifted a digital camera of a different brand. But as I compare the photos I took with my Canon camera and my other cameras, including the ones from my camera phones, I realized that my PowerShot A10 did a great job in capturing clear photos in vibrant colors even if it only has a 1.3MP lens. I discussed it with my cousin during Christmas day and she pointed out that she never had to edit the photos she took with my first digital camera.Christmas Tree Taken with a Canon PowerShot A10-02We arrived at a conclusion that our next camera would be a Canon. I have definitely taken different steps in the digital world, a long way from my first steps with a Canon camera. It will definitely become a constant companion as I take my journey into blogging, photography and life in general. I look forward to learning more about photography and I strongly believe a Canon camera is the best tool to have.

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