Filipino-Owned Company Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. Pioneers Use of Biodegradable Packaging in the Philippines, One of the Very Few In the World

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With 2.7 metric tons of plastic dumped into the ocean each year, the Philippines ranks third among nations polluting the ocean with plastic. The Philippine waters will have more plastic than fish by 2050 if the current trend continues. Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. (PCDSI) responded to this eye-opening information by launching its A Green Life is A Great Life campaign.

By pioneering the use of 100% biodegradable containers, A Green Life underscores its commitment to environmental conservation, which means this material is expected to decompose in landfills within 5 to 10 years. That’s 100 times faster than the standard plastic bottle which could take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate. The new packaging will also contribute to the creation of biogas, a potential source of sustainable energy. By doing this, Personal Collection believes they can help save the oceans, one biodegradable bottle at a time.

Though the game-changing switchrequired a sizable increase in the product cost due to massive investments in research and development and the recalibration of existing packaging, Personal Collection forged ahead, determined to convert their company’s principles into actual programs and later on, milestones.

Chairman of  Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc.’s Board of Directors, Willie “Jun” Evangelista, Jr. says, “If business leaders will work hard for their goals while caring for the only world we live in, then everyone can have their dreams realized for the years to come–a mark of a successful enterprise.” Evangelista also mentioned that they have allotted a long term major company commitment to this cause,  as this undertaking is strongly aligned with their core value of caring for the environment.”

Personal Collection will launch many more initiatives going forward as it looks to use organic, all-natural ingredients in its product line.

A Great Life is the vision of Personal Collection for its employees, dealers, and stakeholders. Through its direct selling programs featuring high quality products, the company has been providing hundreds of thousands of Filipinos with life-changing opportunities. This dream that they have for their dealers coupled with their sheer determination to succeed has made Personal Collection the leading Filipino-owned direct selling organization in the country.

Evangelista believes that Personal Collection can make the Green Life possible in the same way it has made the Great Life possible for Filipinos. Two noble purposes have now come together as the Great Life is complemented by the Green Life. Aside from being given the opportunity to earn, dealers have become ambassadors of environmental responsibility, as the products they sell contribute to nature’s conservation and sustainability. Customers in turn are given the opportunity to experience the difference of using biodegradable materials. This would allow them to feel and be inspired, knowing that they, too, have a share in this monumental effort to protect our environment from further harm.

Watch for Personal Collection’s new biodegradable packaging design this month. You can expect both online and offline environmental awareness campaigns in the months to come!

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