Cars Parked on the Street or Sidewalk are Nuisance

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There, I finally said, and I’ll say it again. Cars parked on the street or sidewalk are nuisance. I have been wanting to say this but sort brushed it off. But recently, I find it so inconvenient that I have to be very careful as I walk the street just because there are cars parked along the road. They do make the streets narrow, hence, making it difficult and unsafe for pedestrians to walk freely. That’s aside from the traffic that these parked cars could cause during rush hour.
Crowded Street in Manila

Take this photo I came across in Manila. Clearly, this is a main road but the vehicles parked are taking a big chunk of the road, almost half of it. We obviously don’t have a very solid urban planning. Heck, I would say there’s no urban planning at all. Hence we don’t have a good road system. Most of streets are narrow, and even the sidewalks are narrow. Street ParkingThis situation goes beyond the main road and is also very familiar in streets within the residential area. In the place where I live, there are many vehicles parked on the street. The photo above is near our place and those cars are just some of the parked ones. When the evening comes, it practically becomes a parking lot.

I’m all for convenience, and if you have the money to buy your car, go for it. I’d definitely get one if I can afford it. But maybe it’s time that our government steps in and verify if a particular buyer will have a space to park the car. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that in other countries, car buyers are required to file an application when buying a car. The application will only be approved if the applicant has a space to park the car. We really should have that because cars parked on the street or sidewalk are nuisance.Village ParkingOr maybe it’s time that vehicle lift be introduced in the country. These are mechanical equipment that lifts the car up, giving car owners extra car space if they only have a one-car garage. When I was a kid, I saw those equipment on foreign magazines. I’m just wondering why they didn’t make it to our shores. Something must be done about this situation because cars parked on the street or sidewalk are nuisance.

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