Asian Fusion at the Bonifacio Global City via the Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak

Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak at BGC

If there’s any cuisine that I love in this world, it’s Asian food. I just love the flavor, the character and the spice in every bite. I had the chance to experience a taste of Singapore and the rest of Asia at the Bonifacio Global City — Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak. Despite having frequented the area, The Fort and the entirety of the BGC is such a foreign place for me. So when blogger friend Yani of Yaniconquistadora invited me to join them, I was quite hesitant because I know I will have to figure out how to get there. Then Vance of Ang Takaw Ko decided to tag along as she is also not familiar with the place. That made the challenge extra; not that I don’t want her company. I just don’t want to be primary responsible in making her late because I know I will ...

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A Timely Production – Walang Kukurap at CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute

Walang Kukurap

With all the recent uproar on the Cybercrime Law and the approaching midterm legislative and local elections next year, CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute showcases a timely production in Walang Kukurap. Set in an ordinary town in the Philippines, it explores the dynamics of traditional politics and the emerging brand of politics brought about by first time politicians. It follows the story of five families who are intertwined in the political landscape of a town ruled by black money and opening itself up to an impending political dynasty and the detestable tentacles of opportunism. Cristina Medina, the widow of the slain former mayoralty candidate Marco Medina runs for vice mayor, banking on her husband’s good surname. Though her husband advocated good governance, she runs for money, and thus finds herself in the middle of the traditional web of violence, corruption, and power struggle. Her niece Rhoda plunges into the political fray upon ...

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Tanghalang Pilipino Mounts Mario O’Hara’s Stageshow

STAGESHOW on Tanghalang Pilipino

After the successful run of its stage play, “Walang Kukurap”, Tanghalang Pilipino (TP) pays tribute to the stage artists of yesteryears through its 3rd theater season offering entitled “Stageshow”, a grand musical play slated on October 10-21, 2012, 3pm and 8pm, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater) . Written by the late veteran TV, film, and theatre actor, director-playwright  Mario O’Hara, Stageshow is a poignant and emotionally charged play which focuses on the plight of a small group of dedicated Filipino artists during the twilight years of their careers.  The play also takes us into a glimpse of a lost era in Philippine cultural history-the stageshows called the bodabil and where these artists are torn between their love for the art and economic survival. The play also touches on the reality that the torch-bearers of any culture are its artists and the tendency ...

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Treats, Perks and Surprises via Perxclub Mobile App

Perxclub Mobile App

I have a thick wallet. Not because I have plenty of money in it, but because I have a lot of things stuffed in it. My credit Card, ATM, IDs, calling cards and loyalty cards are all there. I do revisit these items from time to time, like doing an audit, checking out which ones I can store somewhere else or simply toss in my desk drawer. A thick wallet is not a comfortable thing when you’re sitting on it at the back pocket of your pants. I also learned that it darkens the skin of your derriere. So that made me check my wallet more often, so much so that at one point, I decided to leave almost all of my cards only to realize it’s not such a wise decision because I ended up missing some deals or treats from my favorite stores. So I had to juggle ...

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Get Out More – BPI Knows You Deserve It

Top 7 Philippine Destinations - Get Out More - BPI

I’m sure you were able to catch this BPI TVC even once at least. It’s one of those commercials that hit me simply because I can relate to the main character’s dilemma. When we’re out of budget, despite our longing to travel to different places in the country, we simply had to excuse ourselves from any invitation to join. For the longest time of my life, I simply had to say “No” even if my heart is saying “Yes” because I have more pressing matters to attend to as far as finances are concerned. You see, early in my working life, I am already tasked to have a share on family expenses which includes sending a cousin to school, rent, utilities, etc. As young professional, I wanted to go out more and get more out of my earnings. From time to time, I’m able to go out, but not as ...

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Philippine Billiards Legends Spotted at the Villards Cup 2012 Billiards Tournament

Villards Cup - Sen Manny Villar with the Filipino Billards Champs

Philippine Billiards legends Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante, Ronnie ‘The Volcano’ Alcano and Dennis ‘Robocop’ Orcollo were spotted at the Villards Cup 2012 Billiards Tournament which was held at the newly-opened Starmall in San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan on September 23 and 24. I was at the sporting event during the opening where I also saw Sen. Manny Villar who was flocked by the media and left me on the sidelines observing. Fortunately I was able to capture a snapshot. Sixteen amateur players from all over the province of Bulacan qualified for the Villards Cup competition. Started in 2008, the billiards tournament was established to provide a place for amateur players to compete against budding players. This is a very good avenue to promote the sport. Unlike basketball and most recently, football, I am not aware of any training or clinics established to hone the skills of amateur ...

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PBB 4 Winner Myrtle Sarrosa — New Endorser of Lolita Colognes


Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) introduced Lolita Colognes and new endorser Myrtle Sarrosa to the media last Thursday night, September 20th. The venue, the 55 Events Place in Quezon City, had a total makeover and became very girly with its pink motif, balloons, ribbons and walls. It’s a fitting atmosphere for a fragrance targeting the young girls of this generation. More fitting with the presence of cosplayer and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition winner Myrle. After a hot dance number and a fashion show, Myrtle was finally revealed. The ball started rolling as the teen star started talking about Lolita Colognes. Lolita is all about standing out and that’s what she is all about, especially when donning her cosplay costumes. The fragrances are available in 6 variants for every girl to choose from — Cali, Cospink, Fantasy, Chick, Fairy, and Rouge. There’s definitely a scent that will fit every girl ...

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Give Me 5! Celebrating Safeguard’s 5th Global Handwashing Day

Give Me 5 - Kids at the Safeguard 5th Global Handwashing Day Kickoff

Safeguard soap continues to promote the importance of handwashing as it celebrate the 5th Global Handwashing Day on October 15 with the theme Give me 5! It is reported that more than 3.5 million children under the age of 5 die annually due to diarrhea and pneumonia-related diseases everywhere in the world. Diarrhea and Pneumonia is also reported to be the main causes of death in the Philippines among children of similar age. We may take it for granted, but a simple act of washing hands with soap is very important, especially for kids who has yet to develop stronger immune system. This is specifically critical before eating, before handling food, after using the toilet, after handling pets and after playtime. Handwashing has been reported to be proven effective in preventing children from contacting potentially deadly diseases; and cheaper too. This year, Procter & Gamble hopes to help more children ...

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Product Launch – BenQ GW Series VA LED Monitor

BenQ GW 2250 VA LED

On September 13th, I was at the Torch Restaurant in San Juan for the launch of BenQ GW Series VA LED monitors. Now, I’m not really into such technology because I’m a laptop person. I only get to use a desktop and LED monitors in my previous job where i only deal with tons of spreadsheets, slideshows, reports, documents, so I never really bothered about this technology thinking they’re all just the same. Obviously I’m basing this point of view from experience and my understanding is that it only makes a difference when it comes to size, screen size, I mean. I have to admit though that there’s a nagging feeling that I need one because I now work from home as a freelance content writer for an Australian financial company. I think having a computer monitor would give me that office vibe and keep me focused on work. But ...

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Influenced by the Emerging Influential Blogs

2012 Emerging Influential Blogs - Top 10

Blogs have been an avenue not only to express one’s opinion but also as a form of self-expression, be it through text, photos or videos. In my case, it was an avenue to release the frustrated media person in me. Before going to college, I really wanted to be in broadcasting or journalism. But things didn’t turn out as I wanted them to be. I majored in accountancy instead. But I always know I have that skill in me — to be a good communicator, one that can influence the people around me. When the blog bug bit me, it slowly ate me into what I am today — a blogger. But that didn’t happen overnight. It took sometime until I spread my wings and fly. Thanks to the bloggers that made me realize that I can do it too. Yep, I was influenced by bloggers. It’s just fitting that ...

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