Cake Buffet at Goldilocks National Cake Day 

Goldilocks National Cake Day

I have a sweet tooth and one of the food that I enjoy is cake. That’s why I immediately agreed to an invite at Goldilocks National Cake Day. After all, how can I resist the cake-all-you-can experience? The first-ever Goldilocks cake buffet was held at SM City Manila on a Saturday, November 26th. Goldilocks has been making cakes for 50 years and has delighted Filipinos of every age. I remember having Goldilocks cakes on my birthday as a kid. Ever evolving to meet the consumers’ changing needs, the bake shop has tons of cakes, pastries and other desserts to offer. From the classic favorites like Chocolate and Butter cakes to the more special Black Forest and Brazo de Mercedes, Goldilocks has been on top of their cake game. Goldilocks National Cake Day is part of the company’s 50th Birthday Celebration. Guests were treated to all the classic and premium Goldilocks ...

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Better Sleep Leads to Better Mornings and Better Tomorrows

Better Sleep means Ganda ng Gising

These days, because with so many things demanding attention at work and at home, I seldom get better sleep at night. But when I do, I wake up to a great start in the morning and it’s one of the most wonderful feeling. Having quality sleep simply means that i had a really good break from all the stress the day before. And somehow, despite knowing that I’ll be facing the same stress for the day, I still look forward to getting up and going about the usual. Indeed, great mornings happen when you have a good and sound sleep throughout the night. Imagine having a good quality sleep everyday. That would be great, awesome even. The benefits of having a good disposition for the day ahead just because of quality sleep. Of course, productivity and performance level at school or at work is also improved. Mothers waking up from ...

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Gifts and Freebies with Robinsons Supermarket ‘Give’ Promo

Robinsons Supermarket 'Give' Promo

Shop at Robinsons Supermarket and get your gifts and freebies with the ‘Give’ promo. The “Give” promo culminates Robinsons Supermarket’s year-long Route to Wellness campaign which started with “Explore” in March, “Learn” in May, “Wellness Festival” in July, and “Celebrate” in September. The campaign encourages customers to go on a wellness journey and to collect premium items and gift certificates. Running from November 1 to December 31, 2016, customers can get a free potluck bag for a minimum single receipt of Php3,000, inclusive of Php500 worth of participating products from Nestle, Foodsphere, Purefoods, Selecta, Unilever, Kojiesan, Del Monte, and Wyeth. Customers get the Php100 gift certificate they will receive when they complete 5 stamps within the promo period. Plus you can also get a Healthy You Wellness Reward worth Php1,500 when completing all 25 stamps of the Route to Wellness card. Healthy You is Robinsons Supermarket’s exclusive healthy brand. For ...

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Sitti Introduces Her New Sound in ElectroSITTI

Sitti performs Bid You Love at the presscon

Catch the country’s Bossa Nova Queen Sitti as she introduces her new sound in her upcoming concert, ElectroSITTI. Happening at the Music Museum (1502 in Greenhills, San Juan) on November 25 and 26, the concert is also a celebration of her 10th anniversary in the Philippine music scene. The concert is an ambitious experiment with the electronic dance music (EDM) genre. We had the chance to listen to Sitti’s new sound at the presscon, and I personally like it. Be ready to witness some dance moves from the bossa nova royalty at her concert. After all, the music says it all, electronic dance. Here’s a glimpse of the new sound. The singer is collaborating with her friend and EDM master DJ Silverfilter. She hopes to please more younger-generation music fans. Of course, this is also an opportunity to showcase what else the singer can do beyond her usual sound. Sitti ...

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The Tale of the Winter Forest at SM Southmall

The Cast of The Tale of the Winter Forest

Witness the magical tale of the joy of giving as SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest. I had the chance to attend the unveiling of the mall’s first Christmas centerpiece with a play production by Stages and a full performance of the Manila String Machine. The settings is such a beauty and it a closer look made me feel like I’m in an enchanting forest. The Tale of the Winter Forest is a story of two children getting lost in an enchanted forest, where the only way to find the right path is to give up everything. While trying to find their way home, the two kids meet a wounded rabbit, a lost cardinal, and a hungry tiger. The children helped the animals, giving up their clothing and food for them. In return, the Winter Fairy appears and shows them the path home. The centerpiece is a ...

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