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NIVEA Philippines Launches NIVEA for Men Multi-Effect 8 Products

Growing in a female-dominated family, I learned to used skin care products at an early age. Astringent was one of those I applied on my face which became frequent in my adolescence in an attempt to eliminate pimples. In those days, all skin care products are marketed for women. It was only recently that we are seeing the growth of products for men. Last week, NIVEA Philippines introduced their line of products with the Multi-Effect 8 benefits to a group of bloggers.Nivea for Men Multi Effect 8

I have been using the brand’s facial wash and lotion. I was partial to their whitening variant for that extra SPF protection, plus the hope of regaining the fairness that I possess in my younger days (I wish). Last August 23rd, I joined other bloggers for the NIVEA for Men Multi-Effect 8 Challenge at the 360 Fitness Center in Makati. The event included a glimpse to the gym’s circuit training which I found to be quite interesting, yet challenging. I initially wanted to participate, but was not assigned to do anything. Boy was I glad that it happened.

The challenges will really make you work out a sweat. I have no courage to do so in front of everyone in the room, so despite the opportunity to win extra goodies, I bowed out. I will definitely check out the circuit training from 360 Fitness Center. It’s a good thing that they have a branch in Ortigas. You can check out our pictures to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. But what I found interesting were the new line of products offered by NIVEA for Men which I got to take home.

The Multi-Effect 8 Face Wash and Moisture Gel addresses the 8 main problems for oily skin: excessive oiliness, oily shine on face/skin, enlarged & clogged pores, dry skin feeling after cleansing, uneven & impure look, formation of blackheads, formation of whiteheads and acne. Oily face has always been my major concern because I have large skin pores. I often use face wash and had my share of a stingy feeling after use and sometimes my skin gets flaky. I am also aware that we must moisturize our skin to minimize the effects of ageing. With the newest product line offering, I now have a skin that’s clean, clear and less oily. One application with so many benefits. Very convenient!

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As of this writing, I can attest to the effectiveness of the Multi-Effect 8 Face Wash. I noticed early this week that a zit is developing on top of my nose. Washing my face daily with NIVEA’s cleared my skin. I also tried applying the moisture gel, although inconsistently. But for the days that I did, I noticed the suppleness. I just need to discipline myself to apply the moisturizer everyday.

I really appreciate the variety of products that the company churns out for men. They’re really effective and practically priced. Also I no longer have to use stuff made for women. You can check out their website for a full array of NIVEA for Men products. They also have a Facebook Page where you can get more updates on their latest offerings. The page also have different applications, including a fun online game called Multi-Effect 8 Smack the Oil. Top Markus‘ score in the game for a chance to win prizes from NIVEA for Men. Isn’t that cool?

Are you also concerned about oily skin just like me? Care to share your skin care regimen by commenting below? Would really love to know more and apply them to myself coupled with using NIVEA for Men products.


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