NIVEA Men Cool Kick Deo Let’s You #KickStartYourCool

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Is the Work-from-Home life letting your personal care take a nosedive? It did on my end. I’m not going to deny that since I started working from home, I tend to take a bath at a later time. During the lockdowns caused by this pandemic, I opted to not wear my deodorant simply because I stay at home for days.

Working from homeYou might be cringing already, haha. But hey, I don’t go around the house smelly and all. It’s just that there’s no point making an effort when all I do is stay at home, face the computer screen, eat, sleep, stream a movie or TV series. The only time I make a conscious effort is when I have to attend an online meeting.

It’s normal. I mean, I’m not the only one doing that. Whenever I get to chat with friends, we all laugh because everyone is on the same state. But while slacking on self-care in the middle of quarantine is something expected, I realized it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Working from home is nothing new to me. I”ve been doing it even before the pandemic because I’m a freelance digital marketer. But during those times, I get to go out more often when doing event coverage for my blog, meeting with clients, or attend networking events. Because of that, my grooming and personal care is on point.

I wondered why I have to set aside all that just because I’m stuck within four walls. I’ll be honest that I get some rashes from time to time when I started neglecting my body. Fortunately, the body can recover from sluggishness and be on point once again. I can still make the effort to feel, look and stay fresh, as I power through the heat and the monotony of working from home during quarantine.

NIVEA Men Cool Kick Deo spray
NIVEA Men Cool Kick Deo spray

From the brand that has provided men with personal care products that make them look and feel their best, I discovered NIVEA Men Cool Kick. It’s the newest deodorant that’s refreshing, it makes you feel icy cool, by dropping your skin temperature by -10°C! #KickStartYourCool and feel a rush of renewed energy as the #NIVEAMenCoolKick instantly cools down your skin, while reducing sweat from pores and providing extra dry protection for up to 48 hours—topped with a Cool Active fresh scent. In this sweltering climate, even when it rains, imagine the relief and freshness a -10°C brings to your body—all thanks to NIVEA Men Cool Kick.

NIVEA Men Cool Kick Deo roll on
NIVEA Men Cool Kick Deo roll on

Think of the NIVEA Men Cool Kick as the deodorant counterpart of the ice cold drink you rush to gulp in the middle of intense heat, a grueling gym session, or a long work day. It’s that refreshing cup of cold juice in the morning, a cool swig of soda at lunchtime, or a freshly opened can of below-zero beer at night.

Kickstart Your Cool with NIVEA Men Cool Kick DeoBut with the #NiveaMenCoolKick, all you have to do is apply it once in the morning, or after a shower you most definitely deserve. Feel your temperature cool down by -10°C instantly as you start working from home—sweat-free, odor-free, and feeling confident and energetic throughout your day. Your mood at work determines how well you rest, so a clean and fresh feeling all day means more energy to do what you love after work!

So what are you waiting for? #KickStartYourCool with #NIVEAMenCoolKick and see your dreary work-from-home schedule change to an active day of work, play and doing everything with less slump and so much more energy!

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