Juicy Details about Coco Martin during the Max’s Presscon


I’m sure you already had a chance to watch this Max’s Restaurant television commercial at least once. The house that fried chicken built, established in 1945, continues to build its brand through the changing times. This time choosing one of the most in-demand actors in the Philippines as its brand endorser, Kapamilya’s Coco Martin. He was formally introduced to the media on January 15th where we learned some juicy details about Coco Martin during the Max’s presscon.

 Coco Martin formally welcomed to the Max's family

Coco Martin formally welcomed to the Max’s family

Coco Martin worked as a waiter at Max's Restaurant
Coco Martin worked as a waiter at Max’s Restaurant

We all know the actor started from Indie films. But did you know he first worked as a waiter at Max’s Restaurant Fairview Branch? During the presscon, Coco shared that he was “discovered” while working at Max’s when a customer one day handed him a business card, asking Coco to call him if ever he’s interested to enter show business. That customer was Mr. Rene dela Cruz, whom he contacted when he decided to take advantage of the opportunity. He auditioned at ABS-CBN and passed the grueling test and was supposed to be introduced as part of Star Circle Batch 9, together with Heart Evangelista.

His stint as an ABS-CBN talent led to his being absent from his work as a waiter at Max’s Restaurant, and ended up going AWOL. Unfortunately, Coco also left the talent center when he decided to pursue his studies in hotel and restaurant management. The decision was in response to the young actor’s grandmother who advised to finish studies first, pointing out that he’ll likely grow lazy in his school once money starts to pour in.

Max’s newest brand endorser also shared that he was not really interested in showbiz and claims that he doesn’t have any talent in singing, dancing and acting. Now, Coco Martin is a common sight on television, commercials and billboards. Talk about irony!

Coco embodies a hard working individual who simply grabs at any opportunity that comes his way to get by with life. Nobody knows what he’s gone through when he left the limelight. He might have worked as a waiter again, or or something else that require intensive labor.  Heck, the past no longer matters, now that he’s popular.Coco Martin and the Juicy Sarap to the Bones Max's Fried Chicken

Max’s Restaurant Marketing Director Edgar Allan Caper said “Coco captured our attention because of his life story. In a lot of ways, he shares values that are inherent to Max’s – passion for what you do and love for the Filipino family. This is how Max’s story unravels everyday.” The restaurant executives were one in saying that the young actor’s life story share a parallelism with Max’s early beginnings. Just like Coco, Max’s went through a lot of changes and was even challenged by foreign competition. Despite all that, the restaurant still stands, serving customers “sarap to the bones” fried chicken and other Filipino favorite dishes. The Max’s Corner Bakery is a testament to the company’s innovation.

Expect more of Coco Martin and Max’s Restaurant. The TVC above is just the first installment, filmed by award-winning director Brilliante Mendoza. Who knows? We might get more juicy details about Coco Martin, juicy as a Max’s Fried Chicken. 😉

Coco Martin for Max's Restaurant

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