HP Unveils a New Level of Service Center in Town

HP recently opened an extraordinary service center in town, where you can enjoy your time while they get your device back in tip-top shape.

Located at 34 Jupiter Street in Makati City, the new and improved HP service center is designed to give customers a convenient and relaxing experience while HP professionals attend to their hardware and software needs.

The Jupiter Street HP Service Center is convenient and relaxing
Convenient and relaxing. The Jupiter Street service center takes customer-friendly computer servicing to a whole new level with its cozy, new look and feel, and well-lit Scandinavian interiors. Enjoy free, unlimited refreshments on top of other free amenities while having your PC, laptop, or printer fixed.

Guest in a classy clubhouse

Scandinavian-inspired interior design, the service center goes beyond being merely customer-friendly, offering unique amenities you’d feel like a guest in a classy clubhouse.

If you’re up for a wholesome drink, free, unlimited refreshments are available. There’s a free Wi-Fi connection – which is perfect in case you’re on a work-from-anywhere mode and multi-tasking to meet an office deadline. If you’re in the mood for some action, take the in-house gaming station for a spin.

This service center has an automated queueing system to ensure you get served in a timely manner without suffering any ‘queue anxiety’. While waiting your turn, you can lounge around enjoying the infotainment played on the big screens or just scroll through your phone, thanks to the fast internet. There’s also a demo area in case you want to window shop or take a peek at some of HP’s latest products.

If you also came to shop for HP PCs, laptops, or printers, there’s no better place to be. The center has the best and latest models to choose from, and the sales staff offer information to help you decide which devices may be right for your needs. If you are low on ink and other HP consumables and accessories, this HP Service Center has your back.

Parking space is available free for customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

HP Service Center in Makati
Lounge around and have fun. Get into the action at the in-house gaming station, free to use for customers with a craving for an adrenaline rush.

Experience first-class service

Enjoy a first-class experience the next time you need to have your PC, laptop, or printer repaired. Visit the HP service center at 34 Jupiter St., corner Planet St., Bel Air, Makati City. The shop is open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except on holidays.

To learn more about HP products and services, please visit HP’s official Facebook page at

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