New Cebu Pacific Inflight Menu Offers Delicious Meals

Cebu Pacific meals introducedI recently had the chance to try the dishes on the new Cebu Pacific inflight menu and I can say that they’re delicious. The airline partnered with world-renowned MIASCOR-Gate Gourmet Philippines in an attempt to enhance passenger experience with these meals. I would say that attempt is a definite success as the foods are delightful, varied, and filling.

There’s a wide selection of dishes unveiled from the new Cebu Pacific inflight menu ranges from rice meals, pasta and noodles, and premium sandwich packs. The food was created exclusively by MIASCOR-Gate Gourmet to cater to the varied tastes and preferences of the Cebu Pacific flier. These new specially-prepared meals fall under the Western Fusion Series, Filipino Series, and Asian series, with each of the flavor lines guaranteed to make each flight a delicious experience.

Chef Mark Javier Ledesma of MIASCOR with his sous chef
Chef Mark Javier Ledesma of MIASCOR with his sous chef

You can opt for heavy meals. From the Filipino series there’s a selection of local favorites reinvented like the Beef Tapa & Egg Burrito, Pancit Bam-l Guisado, Beef Laing, and Spicy Bangus Sisig. You can also have the taste of Asia’s winning flavors which includes Beef Chelo Kebab, Chicken Satay with Cashew Nut Sauce, and CEB’s own spin to the salted egg craze-Salted Egg Glazed Chicken Rice, and Salted Egg Chicken in Baguette.

Also available on the new Cebu Pacific inflight menu are lightly-flavored offerings. Travelers can choose from Chicken Caesar Croissant, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Baked Dory Tropicale, and Hazelnut Banana Croissant. Passengers who have a penchant for light and balanced flavors are sure to enjoy these meals under the Western Fusion series selection.

The new on-board palate pleasers are all Halal-certified, and adheres to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system for international food safety. Moreover, these dishes come with nutritional and product information, as reference for an increasing number of health-conscious passengers on CEB.

These delicious high-quality meals will be offered starting September 2017 in all domestic and international flights of Cebu Pacific. The 12 new Cebu Pacific inflight menu is exclusive for pre-order on all flights, departing 24 hours or more from time of booking. This ensures that the food is prepared only upon order, ensuring a savory dining experience at 35,000 feet.

A Cebu Pacific plane flies above usI really enjoyed the dishes on the new Cebu Pacific inflight menu. They’re all delicious, although I would personally recommend the Chicken Satay with Cashew Nut Sauce, and for those with sweet tooth, the Hazelnut Banana Croissant. Visit to learn more about the new inflight meals and the upgraded pre-ordering options.

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