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Baeby Baste loves to eat sandwich

Neubake Super Slice with Baeby Baste and Mom Sheila

Baeby Baste and Mommy Shiela endorses Neubake Super SliceBread maker Gardenia recently launched Neubake Super Slice with Baeby Baste and Mom Sheila. By now many of you have watched the TVC of the super cute little boy hungry, and his mom coming to the rescue. The super child star is busy entertaining all of us, and that can be tiring. Good thing there’s mommy Sheila and Neubake.

Born Sebastian Benedict Granfon, mommy Sheila recalled that her son was first seen doing a Dubsmash on Youtube posted by Baste’s aunt. Then he was featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. But even before that, the proud mom shared that his baby boy loves to sing. And while other kids his age would sing their ABCs, Baeby Baste would sing Cebuano songs.

Baeby Baste is the endorser of Neubake Super SliceThe child star was auditioned at Eat Bulaga with good feedback. Baeby Baste can quickly pick up instructions, and so he was taken as a regular. Now, the bright precocious young boy never fails to liven up our afternoon with his charm, wit and natural flair for comedy. Baeby Baste is definitely a super child star.

Neubake Super Slice by GardeniaLike Baste, the new Neubake Super Slice is also super in many ways. First, it comes in a Super Slice it’s bigger than most white breads in the market, making it perfect for Baste’s big appetite. According to his Mom, Sheila, Baste loves to eat sandwiches. And with Neubake, she can make bigger sandwiches that can easily make Baste full and satisfied with just one sandwich.

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Mommy Sheila explains why she loves Neubake Super SliceNeubake Super Slice with Baeby Baste and Mom Sheila is the perfect combo. Neubake is big and filling, perfect for Baste’s big appetite. Neubake Super Slice comes in a horizontal, super tipid pack, that is only P29 for 10 slices, perfect for practical moms like Sheila. I’m sure moms will be happy with Gardenia’s new product offering. It’s perfect for the school season!Baeby Baste loves to eat sandwich

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