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PBB 4 Winner Myrtle Sarrosa — New Endorser of Lolita Colognes

Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) introduced Lolita Colognes and new endorser Myrtle Sarrosa to the media last Thursday night, September 20th. The venue, the 55 Events Place in Quezon City, had a total makeover and became very girly with its pink motif, balloons, ribbons and walls. It’s a fitting atmosphere for a fragrance targeting the young girls of this generation. More fitting with the presence of cosplayer and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition winner Myrle.

#MyrtleForLolita Venue

Lolita Cologne Introduced New Endorser Myrtel Sarosa

After a hot dance number and a fashion show, Myrtle was finally revealed. The ball started rolling as the teen star started talking about Lolita Colognes. Lolita is all about standing out and that’s what she is all about, especially when donning her cosplay costumes. The fragrances are available in 6 variants for every girl to choose from — Cali, Cospink, Fantasy, Chick, Fairy, and Rouge. There’s definitely a scent that will fit every girl in every mood, and or occasion. But as for Myrtle, she prefers Cospink — a dreamy blend of floral notes that is sweet, flirty and completely girly — a reflection of who she is, she shares to the crowd.

LOLITA PRINT AD (I STAND OUT)BEVi made the right decision to choose Myrtle Sarrosa as their endorser of Lolita Colognes. Aside from being young and embodying the Lolita persona of self-expression and individuality, I observe that she is able to carry herself as the media threw questions at her, especially the entertainment press. She also acknowledges the fact that despite enjoying popularity today, she still has a lot to learn in her craft as an actress. I’m sure lots of girls out there idolizes her for her personality. With the way she carries herself, she is a good role model for kids and teenagers like her. Get updates from Lolita Colognes on Facebook and Twitter.

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