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Movie Review: Tower Heist

Tower Heist Movie PosterAn action-comedy movie top-billed by Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, the Tower Heist is about a robbery at a billionaire’s penthouse located at the most luxurious condominium in Central Park where the most-advanced security system is installed. The crime is perpetuated by the building’s General Manager, Josh Kovacs (Stiller). The intention was to reclaim what was stolen from them. Alan Alda plays the billionaire and Wall Street bigwig Arthur Shaw who owns the penthouse. He manages huge portfolio investments and was accused of defrauding his investors, including all the staff at the tower whose retirement money Shaw was entrusted to manage.

Kovacs successfully convinced an evicted condominium resident, the concierge, the elevator boy and the maid to help him with the plan. But to make this $20-Million robbery a sealed deal, he recruits small-time thief Slide (Murphy) to do the dirty work. What happens next for these amateur criminals is for you to find out. Suffice it to say that this is one intense movie with laughter rolled into like your zhueblig wrapped in bacon. It’s good. Really, really good.

I missed Eddie Murphy and to see him on the big screen again is refreshing. He’s back in his old elements — perfectly-timed humor matched with all facial muscles moving — everything that I love about him. Ben Stiller casted as a corporate guy is just perfect. He is always effective in this kind of role, especially when things get conflicting and he is in the middle of it all. Alan Alda provided the serious side of the movie while the rest did a great job in making the movie realistic and funny.

I love the story. It touches the real world. It gives you a glimpse of the high-profile life. Showcasing a staff with various personalities, skills and priorities will make you say “That’s me!” I like the use of words too, like when Kovacs was still recruiting Slide and then talking about “skill set”. I haven’t heard of that phrase for quite sometime since I became a full-time entrepreneur. I loved the fact that I laughed and was amazed as the movie progresses. But what I enjoyed the most was that I learned something. Tower Heist has intelligence thrown in.


Tower Heist CastAlso starring Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Judd Hirsch, T

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