MMFF 2014: Kubot The Aswang Chronicles

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Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2It’s Christmastime and that means it’s the time for Filipino movies to dominate the cinemas in the Philippines from December 25 onwards. Yes, there’s no stopping the Metro Manila Film Festival 2014. And even though some of us have a not-so-good impression about the movies shown, there’s no denying that there are movies worth watching. I believe one of these movies is Kubot The Aswang Chronicles. With Dingdong Dantes in the lead, the movie picks up where TikTik left off. I have to admit I haven’t watched the first installment, but some blogger friends attest that it was good. Still skeptical? Watch the trailer first.

  1. Kubot, the Aswang – I love that “The Aswang Chronicles” presents what’s truly Filipino. Aswang is a Filipino folklore and learning more about it is worth the while. We all know about Kapre and Mananangal, but what do we know about Kubot? Kubot is a clan of long-haired female aswangs who has the ability to morph their hair into a tentacle-like mass used to squeeze the victim’s innards out like a gel. Personally, it was my first time to learn such exists in the Philippine mythology.A Scene in Kubot
  2. KC Montero, the English-speaking Aswang – the film was made very present by featuring an English-speaking ghoul who is also the main protagonist. I don’t think this treatment has ever been done in Philippine movies. If we are to believe in Aswang, it means they’ve also been to other parts of the world and have taken on foreign citizenship. Also, they would exists in the Philippine society as people who are well-educated and who might even be part of the high society.KC Montero as Dom
  3. Internet sensations Ramon Bautista, Bogart the Explorer and Jun Sabayton – They made us laugh in their Youtube videos, and it looks like they will make us laugh in this movie. It would be interesting how they blend their characters in the movie.Ramon, Bogart and Jun in Kubot The Aswang Chronicles
  4. Well-rendered CGI – During the presscon of Kubot, Director Erik Matti took pride on how they used computer graphics to create the characters. He pointed out that aside from masks and makeup to create the monsters, CGI was used to bring it to the next level. Looking at the trailer, I was surprised how they were able to seamlessly integrate special effects in the filming, making things natural.
  5. Humor – There are scenes where humor is injected. Maybe it’s done to lighten up an otherwise very scary scene. Nevertheless, it’s done with wit. In fact some made me laugh.

Dingdong Dantes as MakoyAside from Dingdong Dantes, Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles also stars Isabelle Daza, Joey Marquez, Lotlot de leon, Elizabeth Oropesa, Julie Ann San Jose, among others.

Producers Official Signing the Contract for The Aswang Chronicles Franchise
Film Production Execs Signs the Contract for The Aswang Chronicles Franchise – from left to right, Joey Abacan (GMA Films), Dingdong Dantes (Agosto Dos Pictures), Anette Abrogar (GMA Films), Don Don Monteverde and Director Erik Matti (Reality Entertainment)

Directed by Erik Matti, the film is produced by GMA Films, Reality Entertainment and Agosto Dos. Incidentally, the production companies formally signed a contract for the franchise of The Aswang Chronicles. This means there will be a 3rd installment, and even more to come.

Some of the Cast of Kubot The Aswang ChroniclesBut for now, watch Kubot The Aswang Chronicles, an MMFF 2014 official entry showing on December 25. If you want a first-hand experience, head over to Enchanted Kingdom with the recently launched haunted attraction with the same title. Don’t forget to connect to the film’s social media accounts for updates. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Kubot - The Aswang Chronicles Movie Poster

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