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MEGA GLOBAL: Championing the Filipino Family

mega global productsFor almost 40 years, Mega Global has been championing the Filipino family. Providing high-quality, value-for-money products aimed at helping enrich lives, the country’s top manufacturer of ready-to-eat viands and canned goods has been winning the hearts of Filipino families from one generation to another because of its relentless efforts to bring forward several improvements and innovations in terms of packaging and food technology. The commitment towards a rewarding and engaging dining experience for contemporary Filipino families who have to deal with the pressure of adapting to modern lifestyle and crammed schedules resulted to brand loyalty.

This persistence to strike a balance between convenience and quality has made Mega Global products a lifesaver, establishing a strong foothold among varying markets across the nation. Mega Global’s extensive line of premium brands—Mega Sardines, Mega Creations, Valley Farm and Oh My Ulam!—have become an integral part of our daily food consumption. Each brand offers a unique way of capturing the sensibility and emotional affinity inherent to family-loving Filipinos.

Healthy and Natural

Over the years, Mega Sardines has earned a reputation of being the Top of Mind choice of most households that prefer high-quality and great-tasting canned sardines. I remember having preferred it over other brands after trying it once. It comes as no surprise for me when I learned that Mega Sardines remains to be a dominant canned sardines brand in the domestic market until today.

Mega Sardines in Easy Open CanOffering the freshest and healthiest options for trendy moms who are protective of their families. It can also be used as a special ingredient to a variety of home-cooked dishes, therefore emphasizing its versatile qualities as a culinary recipe.

Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce - Hot Variant in PouchOne of its popular variants, Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce has no preservatives and is ready to eat. The catching-to-canning process is completed within 12 hours from catching, minimizing histamine levels and delivering the optimal amounts of protein, calcium and Omega 3 oils—essential nutrients that reduce the risk of heart problems.


Valley Farm Chunky Pork Luncheon MeatValley Farm, Mega Global’s latest offering in the canned food market, takes pride in their positioning as the only luncheon meat in the Philippines with real meat chunks. With its meat chunks blended in selected spices, Valley Farm gives kids the best-tasting luncheon meat that they can enjoy in all meals, most especially during breakfasts.

Mega Creations, a non-tomato based sardine brand, is more than just a versatile culinary component that you can use to complement any dish. It also offers basic ready-to-eat convenience for moms who consider cooking as an expression of love and happiness.

Utmost Convenience and Value For Money

For working adults who are entangled with the fast-paced facets of modern living, Mega Global has another surprise right up your alley. Oh My Ulam!, another entry in the ready-to-eat viand market, is the only brand that comes with the convenience of easy-open can packaging. It takes pride in being the only ready-to-eat ulam that uses real meat and spices for that authentic home-cooked experience.

Oh My Ulam - Easy Open CanWith a lot of Filipino BPO professionals pressured by the demands of the industry, there is simply no other brand that is as convenient, time-saving and “sulit” as Oh My Ulam, which comes in 3 variants namely Lechon Paksiw, Pork Adobo and Mechado. No other brand brings real value in what consumers buy other than Oh My Ulam.

With Mega Global‘s continued commitment to the Filipino families, it won’t be a surprise if the business goes strong for another 40 years. Filipino consumers will greatly benefit from new products that will be available in the market.

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