Manuel L Quezon University is Home in Quezon City

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Quezon is HomeJust in time for Quezon City Day, I attended the “Quezon is Home” event by Manuel L Quezon University (MLQU). The event highlights the university’s symbolic expansion to Quezon City from Quiapo, Manila as the educational institution continue its legacy. This is considered another momentous event after MLQU achieved an exponential growth in its law enrollment rate for school year 2015-2016.

I am not surprised with such achievement on enrollment. MLQU is one of the top performing universities as far as law education is concerned. Their law graduates have topped the Philippine Bar Examination several times. Enrolling at this university to pursue a career in law is a good decision.

“Quezon is Home” coincided with the 138th birth anniversary of Manuel L Quezon, the former President of the Philippine Commonwealth. Held at the MLQU School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (MLQU SPACE) located near MRT Kamuning Station in Quezon City. The event started with the unveiling of the late president’s portrait done by National Artist in Painting Fernando Amorsolo.

Manuel L Quezon portrait done by National Artist in Painting Fernando Amorsolo
Manuel L Quezon portrait done by National Artist in Painting Fernando Amorsolo

The city’s visionary is right at home in Quezon City. Just like Manuel L Quezon University, the city was named after the former president and celebrates Quezon Day every August 19th in accordance with Republic Act 6741. MLQU and New San Jose Builders’ chairman Dr. Jose Rizalino Acuzar and MLQU president and NSJBI co-chairman Dr. lsagani Germar led the celebration and were joined by Quezon City officials.

Congressman Sonny Belmonte is guests speaker at Quezon is Home event
Congressman Sonny Belmonte is guests speaker at Quezon is Home event

Pioneering Programs

To mark the expansion to Quezon City, MLQU is set to offer programs on real estate management, financial markets, and structural engineering. The university commenced its partnership with distinguished groups to introduce pioneering programs, signaling its entry to QC’s roster of esteemed academic institutions. At the “Quezon is Home” event, the collaboration with Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations, Inc. (CREBA), Bloomberg, East West Educational Specialists, Co. Inc. (EWES), American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) was announced.

History of MLQUAt the event, university officials forged the deal with the largest real estate umbrella organization in the country, with a memorandum of understanding signing. Under the MOU, CREBA will provide students to MLQU who wish to attain a career in real estate management. Moreover, CREBA and MLQU will create training modules that aim to acquaint students with real estate law in relation to commercial, rental and private property.

Bloomberg and East West Educational Specialists, Co. Inc. (EWES) are working together on several initiatives such as the Bloomberg EWES Certified Financial Markets Professional Program, Bloomberg EWES Faculty Development Programs, and Bloomberg Professional Service Practicum Program. This will include international trips exposures to integrate the Bloomberg terminal application into EWES course curriculum.

Memorandum of Understanding between MLQU and partners
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between MLQU and partners

In partnership with MLQU, East West shall conduct certification programs and review classes for different courses and programs for all students and graduates of MLQU. This is in adherence with the requirements and standards of the Commission on Higher Education, Bloomberg LP and Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, and Securities and Exchange Commission.

The partnership with American Concrete Institute ~Philippine Chapter (ACI) and Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) is to beef up the educational institution’s Architecture and Engineering programs. The programs to be offered are aimed to develop both the students and professionals’ knowledge and practice in structural engineering. ACI has been in the Philippines since 1995 and advocates for concrete quality and the upliftment of the concrete industry.

“We aim to provide students, academe, practitioners and professionals the advanced knowledge and technology in solving and upgrading the quality of the construction industry in the country. Our collaboration with MLQU shall focus on training and certification of professionals for them to be equipped with international standards allowing them to be on top,” said Elen Chua, president of ACI-Philippine Chapter.

ASEP is respected as an authoritative leader in the practice of structural engineering. ASEP has been in existence for more than 55 solid years. “The main objective of the program in partnership with MLQU is to explore and impart the actual applied practice in the industry: how to do the actual design and how to use the proper tools in the design. I’m talking about software, the actual design procedure that has been done in the practice,” said Danilo Domingo, ASEP vice president.

Helping Filipinos achieve dreams

New San Jose Builders, lnc. (NSJBI) supports MLQU in helping Filipinos achieve their dreams. In October 2014, the property developer acquired ownership of the 69-year old Manuel L Quezon University (MLQU). Since then, NSJBI has joined MLQU in improving and upgrading the school’s facilities as well as expanding its students’ opportunities, helping Filipino students achieving a better life through education.

Manuel L Quezon University opened the School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (SPACE) in 2015. Located at the Victoria Sports Tower along EDSA in Quezon City, we had the chance to explore the facilities of the institution. Developed by NSJBI, Victoria Sports Tower boasts of 5 floors or a total of 34,180 sqm. of sports and social club features replete with the most advanced indoor sports complex, business amenities, wellness and fitness centers, residential facilities, and luxurious hotel-like lobby tailor-fit for sophisticated business appointments and meetings.

The future Manuel L Quezon University Quezon City Campus
The future Manuel L Quezon University Quezon City Campus | Photo Credit:

The site offers MLQU students an accessible and conducive learning environment. Manuel L Quezon University continues to expand as another campus will soon rise in Timog Avenue to open up more college courses in the coming years. Indeed, Quezon is home to bring quality education to residents of Quezon City and nearby communities. Visit MLQU SPACE for more information and inquiries about the latest programs and certification offerings or contact 683-2327 local 122 or 129. Visit the website at or its official Facebook page at MLQUOfficial.

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